New Teachers, Old Memories

Mr. Gwynes did not get a car until college. Algebra 2, Geometry, AP Stat Teacher. Edwhite Highschool
Graduated in 2003
Mrs.Brown (on left) with best friend, Cristie Slaughter. Photography and Yearbook Teacher. St. Johns Country Day
Gradauted in 2004
Mrs. Marionneaux descirbed herself as a jean an T-shirt girl. Algebra 1, 2 and
Geometry Teacher.
Clemson Highschool
Graduated in 2012

Did you follow the “original” career path?
Mrs. Brown: “No. Originally, I planned to be a teacher, but I went into advertising instead. It has always been a passion of mine, I wanted to be a teacher since high school. I feel like photography and teaching are my two greatest passions. So, when the job opened up here in Bolles I felt like it was the perfect opportunity.”
Mr. Gwynes: “No, I originally attended UF to become an engineer. I worked at an engineering firm for awhile, but it wasn’t for me. I’m glad I tried it before I became a teacher because otherwise I would have wondered ‘what if’ and felt regret.”
Mrs. Marionneaux: “No, so originally when I applied for college I went in as a bio major thinking that I wanted to go to med school. And then partially through college, I was tutoring a couple of high schoolers and I realized that I really loved being able to explain math and like being able to show them different ways to approach their problems in math and that’s where I sort of realized that I enjoy teaching. And I also realized that I can’t stand the sight of blood so med school probably wasn’t a good idea for me.”

Who was your favorite teacher?
Mrs. Brown: “Man, that’s a hard one, I would have to say Ms. Courtney, my English teacher.”
Mr. Gwynes: “Uhhm Mrs. Howard, English 3&4. She was always a kookie teacher, you never knew what class was going to be like each day.”
Mrs. Marionneaux: “Dr. Arington, he was my gifted Chemistry teacher and my Anatomy teacher and I loved anatomy. I thought it was so cool. It was a really fun class. So, I think because of that experience and because I loved that class so much he was probably one of my favorite teachers because he made it really fun.”


Did you have a favorite band?
Mrs. Brown: “That’s really hard, probably Widespread Panic.”
Mr. Gwynes: “2000’s pop music, Britney Spears, 50 Cent, boy bands.”
Mrs. Marionneaux: “I loved country music. Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain. Love ‘em.”