Rivera’s Tie


Rivera shows off his tie alongside some of his AP Chemistry students this year.

Four juniors from Mr. Mike Rivera’s AP Chemistry class enter his classroom carrying a bag. In it is Mr. Rivera’s to-be infamous tie. Now seniors, Andrea Ashchi, Misha Lachapelle, Derrian Nguyen, and Connor Fites gifted this tie to Mr. Rivera at the end of their junior year. The tie contains selfies of these students taken in their AP Chemistry class. Rivera thinks the students may have felt that his tie game needed improving.
Connor Fites (‘20) agrees with Rivera. He says wanted to give Rivera variety to his clothing choices. All four students pitched in about $15 to get the tie to surprise Rivera before year’s end. “I think the tie itself was $15 but we wanted to get it before the end of the year so we could surprise him with it.” All the extra money went to shipping! Although he doesn’t recollect who came up with the selfies, idea, Fites says that he came up with the tie idea. “We wanted him to remember us so why not put our faces on a tie?” Andrea (‘20) says, “We just really wanted to spice up his whole ensemble.”  Andrea noted Mr. Rivera was her favorite teacher last year because, “he truly made the class a fun learning environment, and was super approachable.” These students, fondly coined ‘special’ by Mr. Rivera, are remembered by Mr. Rivera as characters that livened his classroom. Rivera characterizes Connor as a scientist who is “constantly seeking for an invention and never quite getting there,” while Derrian will “follow along and take all the credit.” Andrea would be “the leader of the lab community.” Misha would, “take charge and then goof off, and take charge, then goof off, until something was discovered.” After giving this gift, the students hugged their teacher to show their appreciation. The following year, the now seniors stop by on the first day of school finding him wearing their gift for all his new students to see.