Robotics Team: Rocky Start to Smooth Sailing

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Team Patent Pending’s robot in
Photo credit: Dickson

Part of the Robotics Team at a
competition (left to right: Cameron Gratz ‘23, William Schilling ‘24, Pranav Kasvaraju Aylar Orshava ‘23, Aman Shaik ‘22, Liam Sanborn ‘23, and Stephano Hernandez ‘23
Phot credit: Pranav Kasavaraju ‘22

This year, Bolles Robotics had three competitions (the third one has not occurred, as of press time). According to team captain Pranav Kasavaraju (22), “The first meet this season had our team off to a rocky start, however we recovered quickly to find more efficient solutions, and we performed well during the second meet.” In their second
tournament they placed fifth with the Voyagers team, and
thirteenth with the Patent Pending team, out of twenty six.

After their most recent tournament, they will have one on December 15th. After that, they have League Championships on Superbowl Weekend. Then, hopefully they will qualify for the State Championships at the end of February.

Under captains Aman Shaik (22) and Pranav Kasavaraju, and faculty sponsor Mr. Sollee, the Robotics team has shifted their focus more towards the autonomous period of the competition, where the robot “is the most robot like,” according to Sollee. In this period, the robot is not controlled by a driver, and based on pre-existing coding is supposed to complete a series of objectives like going beneath bridges and moving blocks. The other portion of the competition is driver controlled, in which each team’s driver controls the robots and makes them complete the same objectives.

In order to maintain their spots as some of the top robotics teams in North-East Florida, the Robotics teams practiced for about ten hours a week, divided up into Wednesday mornings, Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoons.

Overall, members of the team said that they love the experience. In Kasavaraju’s words “Co-captains Aman and I are really enjoying this season and high-level of collaboration the team has had so far.”