Faith Curry: An Artist of the Future

Keep an eye out for the young lady doing her homework in Schultz Hall courtyard, often wearing eye-catching red sandals. “I was born and raised in Jacksonville and I grew up in a house down the street from my grandparents,” She said, “It has changed since new people live there.”Curry’s memory and eye for detail prove her an artist and a storyteller.

Faith Curry has been at Bolles since 9th grade, coming from KIPP Middle School. She defines her most marked characteristic as her quiet nature. “I’ve always had a hard time making friends because I’m quiet and don’t really talk much.”

Her quiet nature has not kept Curry from being involved in the arts. Curry worked on props for both Lion King and High School Musical.

“There’s lots of layers to Faith,” said college counselor Mrs. Moloney. For college, Curry thinks she might study art or Psychology.

Psychology or a career related to managing data might work well for Curry. Moloney said, “She has an incredibly caring side to her. In busy times or stressful times, Faith stays calm and patient.”

Moloney mentioned Faith’s love of the natural world, “If you ever see Faith with a free period, you will see her outside.”

On trips to the zoo, Curry combines her love of nature with her growing interest in photography, taking many photos.

Curry said that part of being quiet is that her biggest fear is being abandoned. “It’s because since I’ve had trouble making friends from an early age, I feel like people will leave me for someone better and there’s always going to be someone else who has more to offer.” But Curry has grown more confident. She statedthat in the past,” I didn’t know my own worth as a person.”

When Faith’s dad brought her a book of anime from Japan, her interest in anime and manga began. Moloney said Curry writes and publishes her own stories.
But home life wasn’t that easy for Faith. “My dad told me that my grandmother pitted her children against one another. When I came along she started to treat my dad’s kids differently than my uncle’s.”

Despite this rocky period in her life, Curry stated everyone in her family supports her. “My dad because he always pushes me (to succeed), and my mom because she undestands me.” 

Curry enjoys drawing and cooking, and said her greatest accomplishment is when her art turns out like she wants it to. Her favorite things to cook are cupcakes, cakes, and cookies, and she hopes to learn how to make macarons in the future.

“Overall, I feel we’re (family) all content with life,” Curry said.

So, when you walk by the quiet girl studying in Schultz, know that sometimes a stellar story was left unsaid and those bright red sandals show the heart of their wearer.