A World Of Art Through Your Screen

Jonathan Groff (middle left) is the voice of husband Jase, with co-star Jessie Shelton (far left) as the role of wife Judith. The directors Ellen Winter (middle right) and Chris Littler (far right) are also shown in this image. Photo Credit: Alison Grasso

While staying home and having a coronacation one might find a lot of free time on their hands. However, this does not mean people cannot enjoy the wonders of art, all you have to do is look to your screens for a world of colors, sounds, and creativity. Many art institutions have moved to the internet in order to continue to provide the community with art. Here are just a few places you can go as you explore the vast art online.

 Many museums have put their artwork online so you can enjoy masterpieces at home. You can receive access to many pieces of art and monuments by going to Google Arts and Culture. With a great selection to choose from, you can see many different kinds of types and styles of art in your spare time. From a virtual tour of the Australian National Surfing Museum to works by Frida Kahlo, or even a timeline of Cats though Ancient History.

 One place you can get access to famous museum and structure tours is Vatican Museums. With virtual tours of places like Raphel’s Room and the Sistine Chapel, you are able to see the inside of beautiful structures.
If you are looking for a more musical art, at the Jacksonville Symphony website, you can find recordings of their performances. You can also find a list of all kinds of musicians doing live streams from all around the world by going to this article. Or if you want to see a concert you can watch during April you can go to Billboard’s list here.
Another great selection is a three part musical podcast called 36 Questions on Spotify. It is the story of a married couple whose relationship is on the rocks when it is discovered the wife has been lying about her identity. In an attempt to rekindle their relationship, they go back to the 36 questions as the past of Judith Ford is slowly revealed with every question.

Overall the musical it is about three hours long and stars Jonanthan Groff, who you may know as the voice of Kristoff from Frozen. The musical was written and directed by Ellen Winter and Chris Littler in partnership with Two-Up Productions. With a great sound track and storyline, it is a wonderful experience if you are into musicals.
If you just want to listen to discussions about art while doing other things, there are also many artist podcasts online. You can find many on Spotify, such as ArtCurious (where you can learn the interesting history behind artwork), The Modern Art Notes Podcast (which provides you with the stories and experiences of all kinds of artists), The Artist’s Voice (where artist talk about their art and give advice to aspiring artist) and many more.

 Not to mention plenty of artists doing live streams on social media sites such as Instagram live and TikTok live. Vulture has made a list here with some set times to watch artists perform live. However, there are many different musicians doing live streams, but not all of them go by a schedule so you have to look closely for performance. If there is an artist you like you may want to receive Instagram notifications from them, so if they do a livestream performance, you will be ready for it.

 No matter what kind of art you like, you can find a wide variety online at your disposal. Many groups are also doing fundraisers to help support the art community during quarantine. If you have time and want to help support artists during these tough times, consider donating to causes such as Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ COVID-19 Fund. But there are also plenty of fundraisers going on, so if you see a cause you feel strongly about don’t be afraid to help those who have contributed to the vast world of art by donating.