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Dad’s Club #squadgoals

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The PAC (Parent Association Committee) isn’t only for the moms of Bolles. The Dad’s Club, an extension of the Bolles Parent Association Committee that has resurfaced in the past four years, will have their first meeting of the school year on the 24th.

Mrs. Tiffany Davis, the Parent Association Executive Chair, explains the club’s purpose, saying, “The focus of the Dad’s Club is to host fun and meaningful events that are open to all Bolles dads.”
Though recently renewed, the club has already hosted multiple events, focusing on talking about children’s relationships with their fathers. The meet and greets have consisted of guest speakers with the topics ranging from sports to the importance of fathers in children’s lives.  Dr. Sheldon Kaplan, featured speaker in October, said, “The role of fathers is vital.”

Mrs. Davis continues by talking about the club’s impact on the Bolles’ community, “The Dad’s Club helps build our Bolles Community by providing a social outlet to our fathers. It strives to foster and deepen the active network of involved fathers at our school. The Club also works to create on-campus volunteer opportunities for dads to interact with their children on campus.”

The Bolles Dad’s Club originally started out in mid-1940’s as the main way for parents, specifically fathers, to become involved with the school in efforts to make the school better. It started with a Dad’s Club, then a Mom’s Club, and finally they combined to form the Parent Association Committee.

Mr. Quinn Barton reference to the Dad’s Club, said “When Bolles was a military school, the dads were very important to the school, more so than the mothers at that time.”

The Dad’s Club started because of ownership issues with The Bolles School. Agnes Cain Painter, the former owner of the school, went through a divorce with Roger Painter, the head of the school, and due to the divorce, Ms. Cain was planning on letting the school close. After the parents of the school’s students heard about this, the fathers of some of the children came together to raise money for the school. The group of fathers responsible for this was called the Dad’s Club. The fathers raised and contributed money, allowing the school to thrive.

Unlike the historical club, the PAC today strives to involve the fathers of the Bolles community. Mrs. Lisa Sullivan, the co-chair of the club, says “As with many parent association activities the goal is to build friendships and opportunity to lean on one another in times of celebration or need.  Steve and I have experienced both and are continually surprised of the support and love we receive any time we reach out to a Bolles family.  It is quite a network!”

The modern Dad’s Club now hosts board meetings, one each semester.  You can find information about the club through the Bolles newsletter email. The Bolles community has benefitted from this club throughout the years and there are outreach plans, including a possible dad’s day.

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Dad’s Club #squadgoals