The Uncovered Mysteries Of Parking Spaces

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Juniors getting in their cars and leaving from F lot. Unfortunately for Juniors, Florida weather is not nice and they have a long walk through it.

The Deans’ Office manages all faculty, staff, and student parking assignments on campus, and, contrary to popular speculations, they do not handpick people for those who get spots and who don’t.

Nihar Ettigi (‘21) applied for a spot, has a car, does not carpool, and he did not get a spot. Jake McGraw (‘21), on the other hand, also has a car, does not carpool, and did get a spot. The parking spot system, again, is not hand-picked, it is just the luck of the draw.

Because there are only so many parking spots, it is hard for everyone to get a spot, Mr. Newman said, “I wish we could give everyone a spot but we just don’t have enough to do so.”

Newman said there are 256 available parking spots and only 30 Juniors, and 14 Sophomores did not get a spot.

If parking privileges are in high demand, why are there so many empty parking spaces in the Junior area? 73 Juniors responded to a Bugle poll about parking. 32 people said they do not have a parking space, either because they did not get one, they don’t have a car, or other reasons.

Some Juniors do not receive their licenses until after their Junior year has begun, so, they have spaces but cannot yet drive to school. Some Juniors applied for a spot but only have a car twice a week, for example.

People do wonder though why people without a license yet have spots. For Juniors to be able to get an A lot spot they have to be carpooling 3 or more people.
On the application to be able to get a parking spot, if someone is carpooling other people, they have to fill that part of the form out to say for sure that they are but the parking lot application does not ask whether people have a license or not. So if someone doesn’t have a license, but they applied for a spot, and they’re going to carpool 3 or more people, there is going to be an empty spot in A lot on the first day of school until whenever they get their license.

 “I wish we could give everyone a spot but we just don’t have enough to do so.” -Dean Newman

Some people might say this is not fair, but throughout the first few weeks of school, Mr. Newman will go out to each parking section and look at the empty spaces. If he sees consistent empty spaces for where people are supposed to be parking, Newman stated he will go to the waiting list, see who’s at the top of the list, and give that parking spot to whoever is at the top of the list.

There is also a waiting list for juniors who don’t get a parking spot, however, some of these students don’t want a spot because they know it’s going to be in F lot. “I can park on San Jose and that is a shorter walk than f lot”, said Lovan Mayo (‘21).

Mr. Newman also leaves some spaces open in C lot for seniors who might have forgotten to submit an application, are new this year, or just had no idea that they could get a parking spot.

A bonus for Juniors who don’t get a parking spot for this year is that they get to pick their spot (from a range of spaces) for their senior year.

More Uncovered Mysteries of Parking Spaces

-Mr. Hopkins has a teacher’s parking spot, so his daughter Aynslee Hopkins does not need a parking spot because she just rides with him to and from school. “Most teachers with kids actually just ride with their kids to school, it makes it easier for us”, said Mr. Hopkins. Every parking spot is categorized: seniors, morning yearlong swimmers, residents, carpools, juniors who drive themselves, and sophomores.

-Seniors, swimmers who go to morning practice consistently throughout the year, and residents are some of the first people to get parking spots. This is because seniors are seniors and have priority, swimmers need the spaces for easy access to practice and school, also because their practices start while it is still dark, and residents because they live at Bolles.

-F lot is mainly for Juniors, some lucky Sophomores may park there but it does not happen very often.

-A lot is for Juniors, Seniors, and faculty but only for Juniors that carpool 3 or more people.

-C lot is the main lot in front of the school where Seniors park, there are some guest parking spots as well for parents or anyone else visiting. Some guest parking spots will also be used by students at times for when they are injured, on crutches, etc.

-D lot is for swimmers, residents, and some faculty. Juniors and Seniors park there, but it is mainly for swimmers who do consistent morning practices. B and E lot are for faculty only.