Editorial Board Statement on Recent Occurrences



Until this point, The Bolles Bugle Editorial Board has not officially commented or made statements on the systemic violence, racism, and discrimination against the black community. We do not want our silence to be misinterpreted as acceptance or support for these heinous crimes. We are absolutely appalled by the brutal, violent deaths of Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, Ms. Breonna Taylor, as well as all of the African American people who have been murdered solely for the color of their skin. Our thoughts go out to their friends and family, but we also recognize that thoughts and prayers are not enough— that thoughts and prayers will never be enough. What our nation needs is real, lasting change. We don’t want this to just be another wave of actions and protests that end in a few months; we cannot continue in that vicious cycle if we want a better future. People deserve the right to go jogging, to cash a check, to sleep in their own beds without needing to worry about being shot or being choked to death.


Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” The Bolles Bugle stands as an ally with the black community, and we hope for a future that involves equality for all people. As student journalists, we see the targeting of journalists at the recent protests, and we support their effort to keep the nation aware and cognizant of the matters at hand.


A recent email from the President and Head of School, Mr. Tyler Hodges, encouraged students and families to engage in conversations about race, racism, and discrimination. We urge you to do so as well. It is our responsibility as a community to be knowledgeable and aware rather than ignorant. There are many valuable resources available online on how you can help or make a difference to the community, and action is just as important as conversation. Another way to make your voice heard is by reaching out to local or national lawmakers via social media, email, and letters.


As students, we are the future, and we have the opportunity to change the world in which we live. As student journalists, when we return to school in the Fall, in classrooms or virtually, we pledge to continue reporting with objective, facts-based journalism that honors multiple perspectives and brings diverse voices to our community.


So, please, go out and take action to make positive change. Go out and change the world.


Stay safe.

Stay healthy.



The Editorial Board of The Bolles Bugle