This cartoon shows the way many people ignore climate change by distracting themselves with forms of entertainment. The cartoon uses the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” monkeys to show this ignorance towards climate change. The right monkey is using a VR set and going to a different reality, instead of facing the problems on earth. This shows how people aren’t paying attention to the different ways climate change is affecting the world. The left monkey is wearing headphones, tuning out any negative issues by listening to music. This represents how people ignore the news as people still deny that climate change exists. Both of these monkeys so how the consumerism culture in society today have made it easier to ignore major issues around them. Meanwhile, the middle monkey is attempting to speak out against climate change. But the other monkeys are ignoring the problem, silencing the middle monkey by tuning him out. Hopefully as we move forward more people will pay attention to the climate change issue and take steps to help solve the problem, to create a better future.