Dear Diary,

I went to Universal Studios for a school trip. It was at night and the park was only open to some schools. In other words, the park was full of preteens with complete freedom.We all got meal tickets usable at any restaurant, as long as we used them before 10pm. At 9:50pm, with nowhere else to go and with it raining, my friends and I went into the Comic Strip Café. We stood in line, and there we stayed. The lines were not long, but they were super slow. With nothing to do but wait, one of my friends suggested playing Slaps. Just like it sounds, two people take turns slapping each other’s hands until someone backs down.

As no one in our group wanted to play, she did the next best thing and asked the group from a different school behind us. Next thing we know she is playing Slaps with a guy behind us and we are talking to the other people in that group. Now their game went on for about eight minutes. Back and forth, back in forth. If one of them hit hard, the other just hit harder.It only ended when the guy whispered in my friend’s ear, and she let go of his hand with an audible sound of disapproval.By the time we left, there were two red hands, an exchange of numbers between them, photos taken, terrible meals all around, and later one date.

— Camden Pao, ‘22