Bolles Student Trapped in Movie

Quarantine or Groundhog Day?

Let me tell you about the time every day was the same and I was the only person who knew it. Every day I would wake up at 7 in the morning, open my window, put the coffee on, and step outside into the world of my backyard. Every day I would attend school via online classes. Every day I was bound to the limited selection of activities accessible in my house.

Brill shows off her drawing skills picked up in quarantine.

Day in and day out, I would facetime my buddies, social distance exercise with a friend and layout by the pool. Then I realized that things kept on repeating themselves like I was in an alternate reality. The TV screen showed the same shows with the same talk show hosts sharing their opinions, the same jeopardy questions, the same actions performed by my family members and even pets.

A couple of weeks went by and I thought I was just living another day of quarantine, but it turned out I was reliving the exact same day over and over again. I was the only person who was trapped in the Jacksonville, Florida version of Groundhog Day!

The 1993 film starring Bill Murray, Groundhog Day, embodies the journey of a weatherman who travels to the small town of Punxsutawney who gets stuck reliving the same day over again until he learns to become a better person.

I sought out medical help, psychiatric help, consulted spiritual mediums and none of them would believe me. The days turn into weeks and the weeks into months. Making sense of my existence in quarantine was difficult and required trial and error.

Since every day would magically reset, I could live without consequences. I did take advantage of the magic of the situation. At one point, I was raiding hot donuts from Krispy Kreme daily. I pulled off a bank heist, watched hours of TV while laughing in the face of due dates, drove as recklessly as I wanted and made racking up credit card debt a sport!

The thrill of overindulging only lasts until you aren’t fulfilled by it anymore. I felt sick and guilty about all the things I did. Binge-watching all the shows on my watchlist on Netflix, eating every meal with the same intensity as Thanksgiving dinner and wearing waterproof Armani around my house did not satisfy me in the end.

I learned that I was not using my time properly and actually was abusing the spectacular opportunity. I was faced with a decision to make. I can either screw around and be upset at the world and ask why is this happening to me? Or I can begin to work on myself.

My perspective shifted and now I’m at an intermediate level in Portuguese and Italian and I can play the electric guitar as well as Santana himself! Not to mention my mastering the art of French cuisine and starting a nonprofit from my laptop to save all people everywhere.

With all of the quarantine time on my hands, I was able to reflect on my relationships and to better myself by picking new hobbies. I realized where my faults were in being a friend so I began to put more effort into communicating with them. I also was able to spend more time with my family members before I go off to college.

Normal life magically resumed when I focused on myself and properly evaluated my behavior and habits. I took this time to introspect and grow. I feel like coming out of this experience I can honestly say that I am a better friend and daughter. In these uncertain times, I find that it’s best to give your attention to something that will benefit you or that gives you a skill.