Humans of Bolles: Jeremy Hodgson ’17



Bugle Staff

Hometown: Chiang-mai, Thailand

What’s your favorite word?

Sabai but there’s no direct translation. It means, “chill out, everything’s gonna be fine, relax.”

What have you learned by studying abroad?

People think international kids come here to get perfect English but what they learn first is the slang. There’s a kid in the dorm that can barely speak English but, slang, he’s got it down. When you’re an international student, Americans assume you’re very different but at the end of the day, we’re teenagers, just like they are. I’d like to see more international students and American students hang out.

What would you like people to know about your country and your culture?

No one in Thailand knows what Jacksonville, Florida is. People look down on third world countries because the infrastructure isn’t as good. My grandparents didn’t have a fridge, or electricity. But when my parents offered them power, they didn’t want it. In Thailand, happiness isn’t based on wealth. It’s called ‘the land of smiles’ for a reason. I try not to let wealth decide whether I’m happy or not.