Bugle Solo Stories

Bugle Solo Stories is a special edition, end-of-the-year issue of The Bolles Bugle. Through this issue, our goal was to capture the stories of the childhood, challenge, and change of Bugle staff in less than 500 words; the idea being that a story need not be long for it to carry weight. 

As a staff, we were inspired by the spoken word stories of The Moth and the short written stories of New York Times’ Tiny Love Stories. Each source highlights the events and thoughts of the storyteller by building a connection with the reader. Through the unique stories of our staff, we hope as well to build a personal connection with our readers.

I would like to thank the Bugle staff for so thoughtfully crafting personalized stories through skills learnt in this class: journalism, narrative writing, and connecting. Each and every one of our staffers has a distinctive story to tell and a distinctive voice to tell it with. I appreciate your dedication to the art.

We hope that you enjoy this issue!

Su Ertekin-Taner, Creative Director


Online Editor’s note: (Desktop only) Below, you will find three columns of the stories our staffers composed; the first column consists of stories centered around “Childhood,” while the second column displays stories representing “Challenge” and the third focuses on “Change.” The only exception is the story at the bottom of the first column, which displays the poetry (originally featured on the print issue’s dividers) written by Creative Director Su Ertekin-Taner. Because there are no dividers in the digital representation of this issue, you can find, read, and enjoy them there!


College Surprise
My Quarantine Complaints
The Eye of the Storm
Tidal Waves
Atop Cerro Pedernal
The Adventures of Nani Camp
Hidden Potential
Sun and Honey Time
Preschool Thief
Making My Map
What’s Left is Love
Hide and Seek
Belly of the Beast
Praise the Mutilated World
County Round 13
“The Tech Guy”
Summer Camp Blues

Blueberry Muffins

Su Ertekin-Taner, Creative Director

the world is about to end and the precursor to it is blueberry muffins I know because the skin of muffins like pools of lava with pockets of carbon dioxide it reminds me that if the holiest of sweet-salty-savory treats shape themselves like the devil’s lair then we sure as heck are bound to die in the midst of muffins

The Dissonance of Pessimism
My Dad and Me

Original Poetry

Su Ertekin-Taner, Creative Director

I remember when we used to Cup our hands like spoons and weave our hair like weeds Plant apple seeds in the backyard and watch the supposed trees recede Cloth the new action figurines with our own scissor-cut clothing Just to lose our energies and fall into deep afternoon sleep — Childhood   Blind was he who climbed ten mountains while breathing for one who does not lose his breath over...

India in COVID-19

Avani Bansal, Co-Editor In Chief

There is currently a crisis in India where there have been over 300,000 reported cases of COVID every day for the past week. There are so many deaths that the crematorium cannot handle the number of bodies needed to be cremated. There is utter and complete wreckage in this country. Seeing this devastation makes me think about how lucky I, an Indian, am to live in a first-world country. Seeing this mind-n...

Realities of Now

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