Haute Mess

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Haute Mess

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Hello, fashionistas!!!

it’s the Beauty Bulldog here, as always adding the highlight to your day and your cheeks!


It can be hard looking good all the time, but I’m here to help with three easy fashion hacks you can do during the school day.


      First, hair. Volume is so important, and I personally love a good sea salt spray. But a bottle of Bumble and Bumble costs at least $30! Plus, who knows what chemicals in it could damage your hair? Luckily, you have all you need to DIY your way to gorgeous waves. Next time the stress of a big assignment hits you, just collect your tears in a spray bottle and lightly spritz away. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?


Of course, everyone wants to know how to contour on the go. Luckily, the bookstore has just the right supplies! Bolles has dozens of protein bars you can easily crumble up and make into bronzer and highlight. Blend it all together with brushes from the art room for a picture perfect finish. Sadly, the shades are no comparison with the variety from Fenty Beauty, but you’ll have more options than with Kim Kardashian West Beauty.


   Lastly, cleanses are all over insta. Charcoal is an easy way to flush out all the toxins. Just go over to the art room and mix some charcoal from the pencil sharpener into your daily starbucks for maximum benefit! As a bonus, the extra led and color pencil shavings will keep your skin glowing and add a little something extra. No need for a paleo diet or juice cleanse if you use this trick!


      Thank you, and don’t forget to tell me how these hacks worked for you! Follow me on instagram @bollesbeautybulldog to be entered in a raffle for my homemade soma jelly bean scrub.


Don’t trust me? Here’s a review from fellow fashionista Claire Cywes. “I cried all night stressing about college last week. The next day, I followed your advice for sea salt spray, and my hair looked so good that I forgot about the stress!”


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