Roses for Recommendations: Bolles takes a page out of The Bachelor’s book

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Picking teachers to write college recommendation letters can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  Which teacher will write the best things about you? Which teacher knows you the best,and has the best writing capabilities?  Well, we solved that problem by adopting the techniques from The Bachelor to help students decide.

  In this version of The Bachelor, each student has only one or two roses to give out.  They must narrow down their choice out of their teachers in the upper school. The students will have the opportunities to speak with their top choices as a group and then individually to help the students choose.

  For most students, this process proves extremely useful as they navigate the various possibilities that greatly affect their futures.  Senior James Young said, “I love doing the individual and group sessions. It allows me to see more of their personalities than simply being in their classes.”  Students can do almost anything with their teachers on their individual dates, from studying together to going on community service excursions to attending academic competitions.

  Possibly the most exciting portion of the new process was the rose ceremony.  In this version of the classic Bachelor selection ceremony, each week, students will give out roses to the teachers they want to consider for a letter of recommendation.  At the ceremony, each teacher will have his/her chance to explain why he/she should receive a rose. Finally, the students will hand out their roses to all but one teacher, who will be eliminated from the competition.

  “I love holding all of the power for once,” said senior Hannah Singer, “students are always competing for better grades, so it’s nice that the teachers are competing in this case.”

  Teachers have also said that they love the new system.  Astrology teacher Mr. Hendrickson said, “I really enjoy the new system.  It allows the teachers to know with confidence whether or not they will be selected, and it really is just a fun time competing with my colleagues.”

  The selection ceremonies will continue until there are only 3 teachers and 2 roses left.  Thus begins the final rose ceremony. Each teacher will have one hour to sit down with the student and discuss why they would be the right teacher for the immense task of writing a letter of recommendation.

  Furthermore, there are some perks for the teachers that are chosen.  Each time a teacher wins a rose, he/she gets one of the luxurious desserts from the dessert lunch that is held at the end of the college application season.  “The desserts are so amazing, I could eat the entire cart,” said beekeeping teacher Harold Swanger, “I actually did eat the whole cart last year when I got 137 roses from various students.”

  However, these perks incite some drama between the faculty.  According to Harry Potter literature professor Amanda Lansing, “It’s just not fair.  Mr. Swanger gets more individual time with the students by talking with them for hours.  The limit is supposed to be one! Ugh, he is just so annoying.”

  All in all, the rose ceremony works tremendously with both the students and the teachers.  It also provides entertainment for the underclassmen as they watch the drama unfold as teachers fight to win over the hearts of students.

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