Sleep Homeworking: Maximum efficiency

Why lose time (and sleep) doing homework while you are awake, when you could do your homework while you sleep?


Most people don’t live their best life anyway because it is mostly spent binge watching on Netflix. So, while you are awake, your time is not being used effectively.


Sleep homeworking is a new method of doing homework that has been tested on students K-12. It has proven useful because students of all grades get an average of 10 hours of sleep! (imagine how great that would feel if we all could experience that!).


Abby Sleepalot said, “I can’t believe this new invention! I get to sleep all night like a normal child AND I finish all of my homework. I have never been more efficient before.”


A world wide survey found that it is more important for students to sleep than it is for them to do their homework said that the best location to do your homework is in bed. So now, they can do it all at the same time! The benefits of sleeping longer include having a healthier body and better learning abilities the following day.   


Since sleep homeworking has proven so helpful, teachers have begun sleep teaching and doctors have started to perform sleep surgery. Salespeople have started to sell all of their materials while sleeping. This allows for the majority of the world population to always be well rested, no matter what their profession is, which could lead to a healthier population.

And, if you are one who always sleeps through class, you now have a perfectly valid excuse to sleep during class because you are technically sleep learning!


The real question is: Aren’t we are already so distracted by technology and social media that we kind of sleepwalk through life everyday? So, what difference would sleep homeworking make? As a result of this technological distraction, our lives are not appreciated or being used effectively.


What else could we do while we sleep? Could we exist and live our everyday life in the sleep state? Or could we travel to the places we dream about? We are on the cusp of a major scientific discovery…