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  1. I know who invented the alphabet but who was the 1st person to start making a sound and referring to an item as that sound?
  2. That embarrassing time you waved to someone in the hallway and they walk right by you
  3. You will never see your face in person, only in reflections and pictures
  4. There’s no reason the alphabet is in order
  5. Do fingernails serve a purpose in modern society?
  6. Regretting picking the blue shirt instead of the white shirt that you bought 4 months ago
  7. Your soulmate is out there doing something random right now and one day you won’t be able to imagine a time when you weren’t together
  8. The moment you’re living right now will one day be a flashback
  9. What if oxygen is poisonous and it takes 75-100 years to kill us
  10. Does my dog have a name for me?
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