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Dear Bolles Parents,


Starting next school year Bolles will be treating Academics like athletics. Instead of attending “classes” students will have “5-a-days” monday through thursday. During zero hour there will be a school wide warm up and students 1st practice will start at 8:30.

Students can be recommended by their current teachers to either Elite (AP), Varsity (Honors), or JV classes (regular).

Throughout their one-hour practices, students will continue learning standard Bolles curriculum but in an athletic format. For example, when completing an tests and quizzes students must either plank or do wall sits.

“For the first half of the test i’m focused and my legs are fresh, but by the 2nd half the questions are harder and my knees are weak, and my arms are sweaty” said senior Jim Shady


When traveling from practice to practice students must be in a full sprint.

Teachers will now be referred to as coaches and the deans as referees. If a students breaks “uniform” dress code, they will have to sit in a penalty box in the catacombs of Bolles Hall.

Activities will be combined with lunch into one 2 hour “half time” in the middle of the Athletic school day. During Half-time there will be a halftime show where the band will perform elaborate numbers to entertain our hardworking Academic Lettermen.


In regards to all students new athletic workload, all food served on campus will be game day meals. For example, besides water, the only drinks will be chocolate milk, gatorade, and pickle juice. The meals will be pasta, PB&J, and protein bars.


With the focus on academics, athletics have been put on the back burner. Elite athletes are experiencing withdrawals and wanted to share their stance. Quarterback, Allen Star (‘20) shared his grief with the lack of athletics “It’s pretty sad actually, i just have to throw it to myself. I miss the guys, sometimes i just throw myself to the floor bc i miss practicing tackles”.

Swimmer, Ander Water (‘21), said “During half-time i stick my head under the water fountain to remember what it’s like to be in the pool.”

When interviewing star baseball player, Fischer Racco, he could not speak on the matter but only throw an imaginary baseball.


We believe that this new system will spark change in schools around the area to put more focus on the Academic Letterman. We are looking forward to a successful (2019-2020) academic school year.


**Note students may park on the football and baseball fields now that they are no longer in use



The Bolles Head of School


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