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Bolles Crew Turns Into CrossFit Team

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Bolles Crew Turns Into CrossFit Team

Taylor Ford, Contributing Writer

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The Bolles Crew team has turned the loss of docks into what they call ‘The Bolles CrossFit Team’ as a joke because of all the exercise they do.

Sweeping across the entire state, hurricane Irma devastated much of Florida. People’s houses flooded, houses were damaged by debris, power was lost for many days, but most of all the Bolles Crew team lost their docks. However, losing their docks has not dampened their spirits (no pun intended because they haven’t gotten in the water yet).

Cadu Johansen, ‘18, a coxswain of the Bolles Crew team said, “I think we still have the same attitude, which is wanting to win. Even without the docks, we have placed in almost every single one of our races.”

Johansen has been rowing for five years. He, nor anyone else, has never experienced the inability to go out on the water. Even when he was in middle school, students were able to go out onto the water within a week of the start of the season.

Instead of prematurely ending the season before it even began, the loss of the docks has brought the team closer. Mitchell Vaughn Henshaw, ‘20, said, “With the docs being gone it certainly did bring the team together because when we went out on the water we were kind of separated by boats, but now that we are on land we are sitting next to each other and are closer than we are on water.”

Instead of going out on the water, the team focuses on physical conditioning. Head of the boys Coach Chris Register said, “Instead of going on the water, we’ve modified our practice schedule to focus on building the widest base of fitness possible. We erg (rowing machine), lift (twice a week), run, and do several strength circuits. The boys jokingly identify as the Bolles Crew CrossFit Team!”

Bolles may have lost their docks but not their competitive drive. Bolles has been to two regattas and according to rower and Bugle writer Salma Shaalan, 99% of the team got medals.

Coach Register suggested that the short-term setback might be a long-term blessing. Register said in an email, “Short-term, yes. I believe some of our medals would’ve been a different color, and possibly would’ve added more. Long-term, I believe it was a blessing. Come April, when we’re on the starting line at our State Championship, not a single athlete will wonder about previous results.”

Register stated the crew team also has some amazing athletes that go beyond what is required. “Cate Haskell ’20 and Salma Shaalan ’20 are two that come to mind on the girls’ team. Cate is a hard worker who strives to do her best to lead by example. Salma is a great teammate and is always giving her teammates the finest she can.

According to Register, Richard Sollee ’19 and Chase Haskell ’19 also deserve recognition. “Everyone knows how dedicated Richard is to Bolles Crew. No one could ever doubt his commitment to his team. Chase, a team captain, holds himself and the team to the standards we expect out of Bolles Crew. He supports his teammates when they need it and challenges them to be better.”

Head of the girls Coach Katherine Changes says, “There are always athletes that will go above and beyond what is asked of them and it is those athletes that raise the bar of the team.”

Bolles also has some of the best team chemistry any coach or captain can ask for. There is no drama, no fighting, and a bond unlike any other. Chase Haskell, ‘19, Captain of the boys’ team said, “I think the chemistry is something really special at Bolles. Compared to last year, we really have a special connection between all the guys, we all want to pull the sled for each other.”

 Episcopal lets Crew use their boathouse for weekend practice. Episcopal was extremely generous in lening Bolles their boathouse, but there are some annoyances that go with it. Victoria Bosch, ‘18, head coxswain of the boys team said, “It is annoying because we have to continuously rig and derig the boats and transport them every week. It has been annoying at times definitely but it is worth it.”

The middle school team has only been on the water once this entire year because they cannot go to Episcopal. Register said, “Everyone is ready to get on water. The middle school team misses it, the high school team misses it, the coaches miss it! Imagine being on the basketball team without a basketball, at some point you’ll get tired of looking at the hoop. It starts to taunt you. Fortunately, it’s a frustration we all share together.”

So, not only were the docks lost but the new coaches also did not get to fully show their coaching skills. Quin Kelley, ‘18, co-captain of the girls’ team said, “It is also upsetting that the new coaches are not really getting to do anything. I was very excited to see what they would do for water techniques.”

Even when disaster struck, the crew team did not disband. In fact, every single person who started out in the beginning of the year is still on the roster.

Thankfully, Coach Changes said the docks will hopefully be in by the week of November 20. And then the rowers can get back on the water. As Johansen said, “Crew is done on water, not on land.”


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Bolles Crew Turns Into CrossFit Team