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Bolles Football Quarterback: Ben Netting

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Bolles Football Quarterback: Ben Netting

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His grandfather played, his dad played, his two older brothers played, as well as his twin, who also goes to Bolles.  Ben Netting always had a natural inclination towards football- in practically “runs in the family,” as he said.

Ben Netting, a junior, recently became our newest quarterback.  For the less football-oriented, as quarterback, Netting plays on offense. He runs and throws the ball, makes calls, and is essentially the leader of the team.

During his first game, jitters replaced Netting’s usual cool and calm aura, he admitted that he was definitely nervous. However, his confident presence returned when I asked about the outcome of the game. Shrugging, he said “Well, varsity won 20-13, so it went well.”  

Coming to Bolles from Mandarin High School his sophomore year, the difference in academics and athletics took some getting used to. However, with determination and the help of his coaches, Netting was able to overcome any obstacles met on the field or in the classroom. “It was tough at first, but I had to get accustomed to the new situation, but all the coaches helped me through it- they asked me questions and asked if I was doing good in school.”

Netting’s coaches surely play a significant role in his life: he said, “They just want us players to be as best as we can, they want us to be perfect. In every situation.”

The coaches he mainly works with are Coach Fagan and head coach, Wayne Belger.  At Bolles, he practices every day from 3:30 to 6:00, focusing on passing and running concepts.  He also works with a coach outside of school, Coach Thompson, who he works with off campus every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday to work strictly on throwing technique and passes.  

Coach Belger said Netting improved a lot since last year, both athletically, and as a leader. This role undoubtedly comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a leader, Netting takes control of the huddles and establishes clear communication with his teammates.  He said, “I have to be a leader in every aspect, I have to be vocal, I have to know what to do in every play, make sure that every player knows what to do.”

To earn the position of first string quarterback, Netting faced many qualified competitors, for example Jeremiah Johnson, the younger brother of the team’s quarterback last year.  Netting had to outplay many other peers as well, explaining how he won his new position with a sportsmanlike smile that showed just a bit of pride.

Netting is certainly a beloved member of the team.  Even during his interview, his teammates surrounded him, all with peaked interest in the interview itself, and in the answers he was giving.  

Netting reciprocates this interest for his teammates.  When asked what he was looking forward to for the season, he replied, “Honestly, I just like getting closer to my teammates, it’s like a second family for me.”

Netting hopes to continue playing football in college.  He is currently interested in The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, which he describes as having a beautiful campus.  Netting likens the aspect of respect and listening to others in football to that needed when addressing commanders in the military.

Bolles has witnessed its fair share of success in football with amazing players such as Mac Jones, but now it’s time for our newest star quarterback: #12, Ben Netting, class of 2020.  


Game Stats

4 running touchdowns

3 passing touchdowns

Longest pass: 50 yds to Chris Sanders -7 and a half alligators nose to tail!

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 160 lbs. -roughly three male American bulldogs!

Bench Press: 235 lbs.

Squat Press: 320 lbs.-that’s about 8 small children!

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Bolles Football Quarterback: Ben Netting