Chloe Schiavone in Full Swing

Chloe Schiavone (‘20) is known amongst the Bolles community to be lively, gregarious, and athletic. Many people are aware of her excellence in golf, but may not know the extent of her accomplishments.

  Although reaching heights in her golfing career, Schiavone played many sports competitively before committing to golf seriously.

  “When I was in sixth grade, fifth grade, I was on travel [basketball, tennis and softball] teams and practiced for them. So, I never had any time to even play golf because a lot of those sports were in the same season.”

  Schiavone’s integration into golf was long-awaited. Chloe explains her golfing origins as starting as a bonding experience with her father: “We have a summer home at the Greenbrier in West Virginia which has four golf courses there.”

The early lessons stuck with Schiavone. “Ever since I was three, my dad would take me out to play a couple holes then go get hot dogs or something. He always made it fun so I always loved golf. But, I played other sports ‘til I was maybe twelve then I started actually playing golf and tried out for the Bolles team and made it.”

  While casually relaxing on the bench of the Canteen quad, Schiavone received many greetings from friends while explaining her summer of golf. Schiavone declared, “This summer I won the Florida Girl’s Championship and I also won the Florida Girl’s Match Play Championship and then I won the Florida Women’s Four-Ball. This has never been done in Florida State Golf Association history to win two events, two championships, much less three. So, it’s pretty cool.”

  Schiavone then adds, “I got the invitation for Player of the Year yesterday.”

  Each year the Florida State Golf Association selects a player to be considered the Player of the Year. Schiavone made the team of the Southeastern Challenge, a group of twelve women and two juniors. When she found out she made the team, she realized where she stood with her point-standings. For Florida Cup, she was highlighted as the player to watch.

  “I got the invitation last night and I’m super excited. I get to meet Jack Nicklaus who people consider to be the greatest golfer of all time. So, that’ll be pretty fun.”

  Despite accepting many past awards, Schiavone and her father were astonished by the call.

   “I was super excited. I just got back from playing tennis with my dad. He got the call and we were super excited so we ate Timuquana for dinner.”

  After graduating, Schiavone plans to stick with golf as she is committed to play on the Notre Dame Golf Team. Schiavone reveals the Irish-mascotted school has been integral to her family.

  “My dad went to Notre Dame so I always knew I would go there. It was always my number one choice.”

  The commitment process progressed over Schiavone’s first years of high school. “I was talking to my coach since maybe the end of my freshmen year and they came to watch me a couple times. Then I believe the day after school ended, sophomore year, they called me in and offered me.”

  Reminiscing about the phone call with Notre Dame’s coach, Schiavone recalls,  “I said ‘Heck yeah, can’t wait’ and ever since then…I have been super excited.”