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Bolles students are pretty creative when it comes to starting clubs.  According to Mrs. Moyer-Shad, Bolles’ Director of Student Activities, “Six years ago, we had a competitive napping club.  We’ve had some pretty random clubs on campus, but they all meet guidelines.”

Several clubs debuted at Club Day this year, including Wounded Warrior Club, the Photography Club, and the Ukulele Club. Club day offers something for every student.  The clubs serve a variety of interests; and each year, that variety increases.

“I love the diversity of offerings that we have,” stated Mrs. Moyer-Shad, Bolles’ Director of Student Activities.  “I really feel like you can find your passion represented here.”

Shannon McGrane, president of the Ukulele Club, recalled that she purchased a ukulele last summer because she “wanted a musical outlet that’s more chill.”  She stated, “I thought it would be cool to have a club.”  This year, the club hopes to assemble all of Bolles’ aspiring ukulele players.   McGrane said that the goal is, “to let everyone know about it.  Some people think it’s just a rumor.”

Mrs. Moyer-Shad noted that a club doesn’t have to have a lot of members when it starts out: “You can have a pretty niche interest, and as long as you have seven or eight other people, you can have a club. They came up with that after long discussions about what would work or not work.”Although the ukulele is not an instrument represented in the Bolles Symphonic Band, it still found its place on our campus because a few students enjoyed playing it.

While these clubs are sponsored by Bolles staff, they are independently led by Bolles students. This autonomy teaches students how to organize and structure their activities, and how to connect with Jacksonville organizations to perform community service.  McGrane said that her club hopes to “raise enough money for a scholarship at UNF”.  This scholarship would benefit talented kids who can’t afford to attend the school.

The Photography Club also plans to work within Jacksonville’s community. Mrs. Cullen, the club’s sponsor, said, “The main goal this year is to be able to provide underprivileged families with family portraits. I know we’re going to be going to the Sulzbacher Center multiple times.”

Other clubs include the new additions PedsCare Club and Heifer International. According to Mrs. Moyer-Shad, PedsCare Club works with a local organization of the same name to organize activities for terminally ill kids.

Heifer International purchases farm animals for people in impoverished areas. The organization’s website states: “Heifer’s work in the United States involves building and reviving local food systems for farmers in one of the poorest regions in the United States. We help low resource, small-scale farmers build livestock businesses and local food value chains, which connects them to consistent and profitable markets.” Bolles has always stressed the importance of reaching out to our community, and clubs like these keep the spirit of our compassionate philosophy alive.

There’s a diverse group of clubs at Bolles this year, but they all have one thing in common; they allow students to find others who share their interests, and reach out to their community in the process.

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