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Facial Hair Funding Health

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Will Shepherd (‘19) proposed the fundraiser to the student council last year, though it lasted only half the month. This year marks the second time the fundraiser appears at Bolles, this time lasting the entire month and costing five dollars less.

The No Shave November donations benefit the Movember foundation, with the motto, “Changing the face of men’s health.” Their mission statement is “[to address] some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.”

Shepherd explained that the greatest challenge in getting the fundraiser approved was only “getting the chance to talk to them.” He continued that he feels “like administration supports most things that benefit the students.” He started the movement at Bolles because, “If there’s any opportunity to raise money for that sort of cause, it must be taken.” The dean’s office gave an email statement saying, “We are happy to once again support the efforts of the student body to raise money for cancer awareness and research.”

Shepherd explained that a beard is “a symbol of male expression” and said about his beard that he “feels pretty good, I haven’t talked to as many females… but it does feel pretty good.”
Jack Munoz (‘19) said that for him a beard represents freedom and makes him feel older.

In terms of supporting the cause, a common theme developed: most don’t know what the cause really is. Munoz said the money goes to “Movember something?” Kyle Coffindaffer (‘19) said, “It was for cancer-some kind of cancer,” and Cadu Johansen (‘18) said, “It supports a good cause… what’s the cause again?” So, it’s obvious that the focus was more for personal benefit than truly for charity.

Although he didn’t participate, Daniel Arteaga (‘18) said, “The whole point of not shaving is that you don’t have to pay for razors,” and added that the event provided “a sense of false freedom.”
Caleb Cohill (‘20)said, “A beard gives the kids that want to grow it a sense to show their style.”

The girls around campus seemed to mostly disapprove of the beards, though they were quick to amend that they support the charity. Yasmin Brophy (‘18) said “I think it’s kind of gross, but if it’s for cancer, that’s good.”

Brooke Kent (‘18) added, “It depends on the person. If you can’t grow it, don’t do it.”

The girls won’t have to curl their lips in disgust for long though, as the event ends on the last day of November, with a return to “the hair length, style and facial hair guidelines” we are accustomed to. Mr. Newman half-kiddingly reminds the boys participating that for those who happen to forget about the return to regular policies, “the campus store stocks shaving cream and disposable razors for Friday, December 1st.”

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Facial Hair Funding Health