Swisher Library Opens A New Chapter

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Swisher Library Opens A New Chapter

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As a student, you may feel as if you need to study for hours upon hours for a single test to remember all the material being covered. Imagine if it took you a year to learn all the material covered on one test! Over the past year, the Swisher Library underwent renovation, and librarians, Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Moody, worked tirelessly to rebrand the library. Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Morgan planned on making Swisher Library better represent a college library. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, they visited Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, and Flagler College. Over the the summer of 2017, work began: new paint and lights were added to the library. During winter break of 2017, the first major change was made: three unique study rooms were created. Before, there had only been one.
“It is important to have multiple study rooms so students can study in groups without feeling as if they are disrupting the library,” said librarian Mrs. Moody.
Last May, major remodeling of the library began. By July, the renovation was complete. Alex Hastings (‘19) and Trey Turney (‘22) helped Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Moody unpack all the boxes containing library items during the week of July 4th.
Some of the new changes to the library include: a new area for displaying student art, an IT office, new furniture, desks with privacy dividers, USB outlets inside tables, and, on both levels, shelves of newly-acquired books with covers facing out to attract readers. Mrs. Moody said, “We ordered hundreds of new books over the summer. I think the new displays are causing students to check books out more often.”
A new online library page was created on bolles.org as well. This page features databases and websites students can use to write essays and research papers. Mrs. Moody believes the new online page ties in perfectly with the BYOD Program while making the library useful all across campus: “Students now do not have to be in the library itself to have complete access to all of its resources.”
Many students are already beginning to notice and appreciate the new library.
“I like the fact that the desks upstairs have plug points for charging devices. Now, I do not have to worry about making sure my surface is fully charged every day,” said Adarsh Aratikatla (‘21).
Students roam in and out of the library throughout the school day. However, it seems to be the busiest and closest to full capacity (104) during zero hour and activities: “Even on late start Wednesdays, we have 45 to 50 students inside the library before eight o’clock,” said librarian Mrs. Morgan.
One aspect of the library both Morgan and Moody appreciate is that they don’t have to “shhh” as much. “There’s not such an echo,” said Mrs. Morgan, “with the new seating arrangement.
Despite the limit in seating, the new changes made to the Swisher Library are only helping students use it as a place to efficiently get work done during the school day. As a student, the ordeal each test you take poses is over once you turn it in. After an entire year of hard work, Mrs. Moody’s and Mrs. Morgan’s ‘test’ ended once they walked into the newly renovated and re-branded Swisher Library on August 13th.

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