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Bolles Bulldogs… and Hounds and Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees

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A best friend is always there for you. He stays with you when you are alone, cheers you up when you feel down, motivates you to go on walks. A best friend eats dinner with you and tries to steal your food because it looks tastier. He always tries to put up his paws and give you a hug when you come home. A dog has the title of man’s best friend, and about 7.3 million are adopted each year.

The perfect pup can come from anywhere. Mr. Dickson, English and Art History teacher, adopted his dog, Seamus, from the local Humane Society in early June. Seamus is most likely a Treeing Walker Coonhound, but his age is somewhat unclear. “The Humane Society said he was four; the vet says he’s two; we think he’s one.”

Mr. Dickson has both bought and rescued dogs for the past 20 years. “We think everybody should get rescue dogs because there’s more rescue dogs that need help.”

Upper School guidance counselor Mrs. Cussen also adopted her puppies, but traveled a little farther than Beach Boulevard for her Great Pyrenees pets, Smokey and Bandit. A 16.5 hour car ride to a Missouri farm, to be exact. She first heard online that one of her college basketball friends was giving away the puppies her Great Pyrenees had. “When my friend had posted on Facebook that the Great Pyrenees litter was free, I thought, “Gosh, free! Why not?”

Mrs. Cussen adopted Smokey and Bandit to keep Brody, her 9-year-old Mastiff, energetic.

Similarly, Mr. Dickson adopted Sheamus as a friend for his other dog, Simba. “We have a German shepard who is neurotic and depressed when he doesn’t have a friend.”

Ella Edwards (‘19) got her dog, Finley, spontaneously. “I asked my mom if we could get another dog if we won states for high school soccer this year and we ended up winning so she got us one!” In February, her mom contacted a breeder in Lakeland, Fl and bought an 8 week old bulldog, Finley.

The Edwards chose a bulldog because Ella’s grandfather always wanted a bulldog, but her grandmother did not. This way, he can see Finley when he visits.

Annie Ruperto (‘20), her Golden Retriever, Scout, is her first dog. Her father had a dog when he was younger, so Ruperto also wanted the same experience her dad talked about.

Ruperto stated her family chose Scout for his loving, calm personality, but they also wanted to make sure that they bought a healthy dog. They bought him from a specific breeder “because their dogs have a very low rate of cancer and hip dysplasia, and we didn’t want any pet we got to be in pain.”

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Bolles Bulldogs… and Hounds and Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees