Mastering the Art of Multitasking


“Success is not just who’s valedictorian. It is about being better than you were the day before.”

 Freshmen are advised to take it easy in their first year of high school, but Megan McGrath (‘22) is taking advantage of the opportunity. Although she is an introvert, Megan has gained many accomplishments. While keeping up with her studies and being a gifted artist, Megan also swims.

  With sports, arts, and school, Megan gets home around 7:15 PM every night. “I eat dinner, get ready for bed, do homework, study, pack bags, sleep.”

  Megan adapts to this issue by getting all her homework done at school and focusing on the task at hand. She advises all who are intimidated by multiple activities, “Don’t procrastinate, because it’s really going to mess you up and you’re just going to freak out and have a stress attack. It’s not good to procrastinate, so study ahead, and always try your hardest.”

   Outside of the academic environment, every day Megan gets in the swimming pool and practices. She thinks of herself as “really committed” to swimming and made States as an 8th grader. The time commitment is a lot to manage, but Megan loves the sport. “I love the people and the coaches. It really gets you in a good mindset, and develops good skills to use in school such as time management. It really teaches you what hard-work and dedication is.”

  Along with swimming, Megan excels at drawing and painting. She calls it her “greatest skill,” although she still has to practice for the talent to develop. “You have to have a good eye and trust what your doing. Even when I do finish a piece, I’m never truly satisfied with what I did and I can find something wrong.”

  In addition to art, Megan keeps her grades up. Throughout her academic career, she has achieved the top 10% of her class all three years of middle school. In her 8th grade year, she was one of four students who had the highest G.P.A.of the entire grade.

  Even though taking all honors classes is a risk during freshman year, Megan stepped up to the challenge. “This year, I kind of want to go for valedictorian.” This motivation provides a “self-drive” that allows her to do well in school. “It’s like in swimming, when you go fast and you put all this hard work in and you finally get the time you want. It’s like this feeling of self-accomplishment. School-wise, it’s like putting all this studying in and you get the grade you want.”

  Although she strives for top of her class, that is not the most important part of being an effective student. “Success is not just who’s valedictorian. It is about being better than you were the day before.”