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A cult-like group of girls who enjoy playing soccer

(The Bolles Girls Soccer team)

“OH EM GEE GOOOOOO BGS!! ROAD TO STATES!”-girl with a soccer hoodie in the parking lot


River Campus

The grass and swings that have a view of the river

“Want to eat at the river campus?”-Havana Frakes

“Sure we can go to the one swing”-Pranit Manohar



Student Council- follow their insta

“StudCo meets every monday in Varn”- StudCo prez Jacqueline Emas



Not the delicious Mexican fast-food chain but the orangy “spicy” mayo in the canteen sandwich line

“I’ll have lettuce and chipotle”- Amelia Emas



Sketchy underground tunnels under Bolles hall


“Uh no i don’t feel like getting possesed today”-Jisette


The Black Box

Lynch theater- AKA behind the auditorium

Room is literally a black box

“Coffeehouse was so fun in the Black Box this fall!!”- Everyone



Someone who has has been here since pre-k/Kindergarten

Pre-k lifers consider themselves TRUE lifers and not those who started in Kindergarten

“Hey! Do you know where the cafeteria is?”- new student

“Hi! I’m a lifer so of course I know where it is! I’ve been here since pre-k so i’m a true lifer. Like my parents have taken me here since i was 4. In pre-k we would eat at the cafeteria. I used to sit with Ann in the cafeteria in pre-k, she’s a lifer too. Oh it’s just inside Bolles Hall make a right.”- Lifer


The benches

The one picnic table behind the flag pole with 3 random single benches near it

“Chick fil a sale at the benches!”- schoology post



Bolles Girls Lacrosse team

“Its BAGEL sznnnn!!”- Ellie Anderson


“Divide up paper”

The worst words a person can hear when they forgot they had reading last night

(indicates to take paper out for a quiz)

“So divide up paper and number it 1-10”-teacher


Late start

When we start school @9:15 on wednesdays and always forget we don’t have activities

“Can i make up my quiz during activities?”-Soraya

“No sorry its late start today there’s no activities”-Her math teacher



The super far giant classroom under the stadium that even tour guides just point at

“And alllll the way over there is colmery”-tour guide



Not a container for water but a casual cafe style place next to the bookstore

“Do you want to go sit on the couches in the canteen?”-The KEWLLLEST juniors (#jnrsznbby)



The sick feeling when you left your HW for activities but you have a convocation…

“UGH my convocitis is flaring up, I forgot we has a convocation today and I left my math homework for activities”-Thomas Keeveny


Alphabet Soup Brain

When you get your letter days mixed up and end up bringing the wrong books and go to the wrong lunch

“I have a bad case of alphabet soup brain today, i thought it was C day instead of B and i have all the wrong stuff”-Anisa Patel


My Backpack

Not my physical backpack but actually everyone’s backpack.

The online portal for parents and students to view grades, attendance and the student parent directory

“Where are our interim grades?”- new student

“Oh! You can find them in your backpack”-teacher

“I checked every paper in my backpack and i can’t find it.”

“No! Haha i meant the online portal backpack @ mybackpack.com”-teacher


Schoology stalking

What is the name of that hot guy in your science class?

What is your project partners email?

What 2nd period does the person you need to return a book to have?

All these can be solved by schoology stalking

Going through classes, groups, schedules, and class rosters to find what you need

(May require several levels of stalking)

“Oh my god what period does Gabe Bassin have now? He’s in my math class and he’s too cute.”-Gabe’s admirer

“Idk lets schoology stalk him”- friend


The UnlikelyHOODIE

A sweatshirt of a college that the wearer would never get into or go to

“What’s 2+2?”- teacher

“2!”- girl in Harvard sweatshirt

“I see she’s reppin’ the UnlikelyHOODIE”- classmate’s inner thought

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