Brock St. Denis: Comedian, Traveler, Thinker, Friend

Brock St. Denis prides himself on being funny. Occasionally to others, but always to himself.
Now in his fourth year at Bolles, this year as a sophomore, St. Denis defines his most obvious, public personality trait as being his tendency to tell jokes whenever he can possibly fit them into conversation. Most people tell jokes to make their friends laugh or to lighten the mood of a conversation. His goal, however, is to make jokes that are funny to him. He noted, “Most of the time when I make [jokes] … I don’t adhere to anybody else. They are mainly to make myself laugh. Because at the end of the day, I’m going to know me for my whole life, so I want to give myself good standards.”
Beyond comedy, some other themes of his life are travel and volunteering. Since he was an infant, Brock St. Denis has been going on missionary trips to the Czech Republic; on his recent trips, he has been helping the students there learn English.
St. Denis said that his favorite journey has been his travels to the Czech Republic, because “it expands your horizons not only physically, like, now you know more about the world around you, but mentally you are more aware of others. It allows you to be more empathetic towards others, you’re more understanding of other issues.”
During his trip over the past summer, he spent the first week volunteering at the camp, where he worked mostly with toddlers, an age group where he says he did “less teaching and more chaperoning.” The second week he spent traveling around Europe, going sightseeing.
St. Denis also has a fascinating perspective on personality and friendship.
He believes that while some traits have positive effects and others negative, the traits themselves are neither good nor bad. “I don’t think there is such thing as a bad characteristic per se. I feel like there is no such thing as a good characteristic either, there are just characteristics. That’s an aspect of you- that’s a part of you. I am horribly flawed, as is everybody, so I do have characteristics that are by no means good or helpful. But they are part of me, so I can’t really say they’re bad,” he said.
If he had to define one as having the most negative effect, however, he says he would choose prejudice, which he describes as being unfortunately widespread.
He says he isn’t quite sure why he is friends with the specific people he is friends with. Of what he values in his friends, he said, “I honestly couldn’t tell you why I’m friends with some people … it’s just- they’re my friends. We probably shared some common interest, probably met in some random place, do the same activity, I can’t say. I guess I like people that spend a lot of their time thinking, philosophical I guess. I like to have someone to argue with.”
Brock St. Denis likes to describe his philosophy with a motto. “Conflict isn’t what defines us, it’s our response to it that does,” he articulates.