Career Choices at Bolles: What’s motivating our generation?

We’re the newest generation on its way to the workforce– Gen Z, or, as some call us, the iGeneration.

Born between 1996 and 2010, most of us are still in school. We’re not quite millennials, and we’re most certainly not boomers. However, as we begin planning for college and thinking about careers and our future, even more nuances and differences are coming to light.

Other generations certainly have conjectures and opinions about where we’re heading and why, but there’s only one way to truly know– ask us!

This a collection of data taken from the Career Choice survey the Bolles Bugle conducted amongst our students via Schoology.

Many adults– Ms. Jacobson, our sponsor, included– often think that we’re in it for the money, the status, or the fame.

But here is the truth.

Did something specific make you interested in pursuing this career?

“There was a young elementary school boy who I came in contact with that really sparked a passion for something I had already been interested in. This young boy asked me to hunt for lizards with him around the San Jose campus, and while we did so, I got talking to his mom about his situation. She told me about his experiences with cognitive behavioral therapy and the amazing things it had done for her son, who struggles in social situations. This was one of the happiest boys I had ever seen, and it was amazing to hear about where he had started and the amazing things that his CBT therapist had done to help him. I had already been interested in psychology somewhat, but seeing first hand the tremendous amount of good that could come from aiding children who are in need of the kind of therapies he receives– I love kids, and I think it would be amazing to have a job where I get to change kids’ lives for the better every day.”

– Emma Bole ‘21

“My mom recently passed away, and she always wanted me to have a low-stress job because her job as a doctor created a lot of stress of her. She emphasized the
importance of mental health and tranquility in life so much that I think it’s best for me to enjoy life as I have it, and have a job that will allow me to have financial
security and happiness at the same time.”

– Sushmita Udoshi  ‘20

“I have been performing in shows since I was in fifth grade and discovered my passion for it eighth grade year. The stage feels like home, and every time I go to see a production it reminds me how right performing feels to me.”

– Jake McGraw ‘20

“I want to have a job that will allow me to help my parents when I get older, because they gave up everything to come to the United States for me and my brother.”

– Fapianey Alexandre ‘21