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Video Title:

“5 Inner Thigh Isolations That’ll Tone Your
Legs Like Crazy”

(By: Blogilates )

What you need:

• An open space
• Yoga mat or towel


This video is instructed by Cassey Ho.  Ho has a successful youtube channel, Blogilates, with nearly 5 million followers.  In addition to her youtube channel, she is the founder of several other workout related businesses. Ho’s personality is ideal for this video.  Her cheery voice and positive tone helps guide you through each step of the workout.  Once you successfully get each exercise started, she begins to distract you from the burn, by talking to you about her daily life.  This part of the video makes the workout feel very personal, as if she is in the same room as you and only training you.  On top of this all, Ho manages to keep a bright smile on her face while still guiding you through each rep and reminding you not to quit.  Overall, Ho does an effective job of guiding you through each exercise, while taking your mind off the pain.

I think the difficulty of this workout will vary from individual to individual depending on the shape you are currently in.  I would say that I work out pretty regularly, but this workout still tired me.  I chose this video because it isolated a muscle group that I tend to forget to work.  Since I don’t workout that particular muscle group a lot, I felt the burn!  It was “do-able” but I was happy to end the workout when it was over.I felt very sore the next day.  I believe it was because I am not used to working that particular muscle group.  In the morning, I felt extremely sore.  However, once I started moving around the house soreness subsided as I went throughout my day.

Overall I would use this workout in the future.  It was moderately challenging, but very effective.