College Freshmen Take On New Journeys

Adarsh Aratikatla

Major: N/A

College: Royal College of Surgeons

College Essential: Big jacket for cold weather

Piece of Advice: “Don’t stress too much about getting in or not getting into your dream school. That stuff usually has a way of figuring itself out.”

Hopeful Future Career: Doctor



Avani Bansal

Major: Biology

College: George Washington University

College Essential: Mini backpack and comfortable shoes

Piece of Advice: “It’s okay to feel like an outsider, because everyone is in the same position. Everyone has to meet new people…everyone’s in the same boat as you.”

Hopeful Future Career: Doctor



Dahlia Kirov

Major: Psychobiology

College: University of California, Los Angeles

College Essential: Adaptability

Piece of Advice: “Make an active effort to find a balance between taking advantage of the possibilities around you and maintaining your health.”

Hopeful Future Career: Therapist


Emily Lekas

Major: Biology

College: University of Richmond

College Essential: Poster putty

Piece of Advice: “When you are nervous about trying something new in college, remember to be energetic and optimistic.”

Hopeful Future Career: Marine Biologist


Gregory Peiris

Major: Chemical Engineering

College: University of Florida

College Essential: Wet Ones and headphones

Piece of Advice: “Take it one day at a time and don’t worry if you aren’t fully involved yet.”

Hopeful Future Career: Engineer



Jake McGraw

Major: Undeclared

College: Davidson College

College Essential: Small backpack and shower supplies

Piece of Advice: “Find what you love in high school and get involved in high school. Find what you love and do it,”

Hopeful Future Career: Actor