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Insta-Famous Through Slime

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Insta-Famous Through Slime

Julia Johansen, Contributing Writer

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85 thousand people is a large quantity of people. That is the amount of people who follow Hanna Ali (’19) , also known as @ hannyslimes on Instagram.

Ali buys, sells and makes her own slime (a mix of lotion, foaming hand soap, glue, and activator) which she displays on her Instagram.

  Ali explains how she began, “I started making slime when I saw a YouTube video [of slime] and my friend Kennedy saw how there were these Instagram slime accounts, there were only a few at the time, now there are thousands of slime accounts, so I just started making it and then people were like ‘oh you should post videos and stuff’.”

  After starting about a year ago during Sophomore year (she is now a Junior), Ali gained a following on social media and even has fan accounts. Within a year, she has hit 85k. She reviews slimes from other businesses as well as advertises the slime she produces.

Ali clarifies how she gained followers “On the explore page on Instagram, you will have a good video that pops up there and there are different repost accounts that have to ask permission first before they repost it. You just gain followers that way.”

  She has generated about $1,500 from selling slime alone during the rare times that her shop is open. She set up a Shopify account and started making slime to sell.

   She buys her own materials to make the slime and the containers to send in the packages people buy. Ali makes her own business cards, logo stickers, and stickers saying, “Do not eat” to send off in packages. She has had trouble once with shipping, as the customer put in the wrong address.

  Ali tells how she came to sell the slime, “The more my fan base built up, the more people were saying to sell it. At first it was only children who want to buy this, they can’t really buy it. And so when people actually started buying it, you can leave a review with a hashtag that I can see as proof that I do sell this stuff. People like it, so I just keep making it, and as people keeping buying, I will just continue.”  

  Ali constantly interacts with her followers by setting up polls, having questions of the day, livestreams, consistently asking for feedback. This helps her build a reliable and more active following.The more a follower interacts, the more personal it is for that individual.  

  She balances school and the account by prioritizing school on weekdays and leaving her Instagram for the weekend. Her family supports what she does and helps her balance school with social media.

  According to Ali, the best part about making the videos are the comments she receives, she appreciates the constructive positive feedback the most. In terms of negative feedback, Ali says that she does not let it get to her, especially since most of the time it is just children.

Ali says, “It’s really hard sometimes, most of the time I don’t really allow myself to work on slime unless on the weekends. With school and junior year, it’s been getting hard to keep up with the business. Sometimes my mom, my parents say, “let’s just take a break for a minute and focus on school more” so if I have breaks, three-day weekends, fall break I work on slime.”


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Insta-Famous Through Slime