Super Teachers Arrive at San Jose


Every year, new faces appear on the Bolles San Jose Upper School Campus. Both students and teachers new to Bolles brings quirky personalities to the community. There are four teachers experiencing their first year on campus: Ms. Griffin, Ms. Lane, Ms. Sander, and Dr. Kerley. Although each teacher is new to Bolles, take the time to get to know their unique personalities.

Ms. Ana Griffin: Teaching Superpower- Ability to grade instantaneously

What’s your favorite place at Bolles?

“If you are talking about San Jose (high school campus), it’s the swing by the river, but if you are talking about Bolles, in general, I really like the treehouse by the Whitehurst Campus.”


Do you prefer dogs or cats?

“Cats 100%. Because they are lazy and they don’t care! I have two: Zim is an orange tabby named after a cartoon called Invader Zim, about an alien trying to take over Earth. Artemis is a Siamese named from a cat in Sailor Moon, an anime about a teenager who is sent to fight evil.”


Who is your favorite superhero/super villain?

“I probably have to go with Sue Storm, because she was in a spinoff with Wolverine, and in it he went crazy. He infiltrated where the Fantastic Four live, and nobody could stop him. The only person who could was Sue Storm. She created forcefields over his lungs and squeezed them so he couldn’t breathe. I thought that was the coolest thing ever!”

Ms. Laura Lane: Teaching Superpower- Ability to talk loud enough to keep kids from sleeping

What’s your favorite movie?

“My favorite movie, oh my goodness, because for me I always think in terms of genres, but if I had to say one movie, it would have to be The Shawshank Redemption. I love the themes in that movie. One of the quotations I like is: ‘Get busy living, or get busy dying.’”


If you could take any class other than your own at the high school what would it be?

“It would be Mr. Dickson’s art history class. I love history and art, so the combination of the two is a fascinating subject for me.”


Who is your favorite superhero or supervillain?

“Wonder Woman. She stands for the truth and she wants to get to the honesty of any situation. She represents a strong female icon who young people can look up to as a female role model.”

Ms. Abby Sander: Teaching Superpower- Ability to let every student know that they matter and have a purpose in life

Do you prefer dogs or cats? Why?

“Dogs, for sure. Right now, I have a little dog, her name is Emmie, and I love her a lot. I might have to educate myself a bit [before I get a cat]. Dogs it feels like their expression is on their face.”


If you could take any class other than your own at the high school what would it be?

“Latin. I’ve gotten to study Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and those are like the children of Mother Latin. I feel like I would love it because I would learn where all these languages came from.”


What’s your favorite movie?

“Remember the Titans is my favorite movie because it illustrates the way students overcome differences and serve for change in the community.”


Dr. Lela Kerley: Teaching Superpower- Knowing when a student needs a little bit of extra encouragement

Where were you born?

“I was born in Oklahoma, I grew up in Jacksonville. I went to college for 12 years in Florida, so I have never moved away except when I spent time in France researching my dissertation, which I did on female nudity in Belle Epoque, France, specifically the way in which the artistic female nude found in academic paintings and photographs became incorporated in late nineteenth-century entertainment, such as music-halls.”


What advice can you give borders after living away for so long?

“I would encourage them to set goals for themselves while they are here. Living away from home is a great way to build character so reflecting on what type of person you want to be is such a wonderful opportunity that only comes to a few people during life.”


What’s your favorite movie?

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I love Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly.  In some ways, I identify with her love of nice things and the big city.”