Mr. Drew Hits the Ground Running


Mr. Drew, new Associate Head of School, has a passion for helping students, but did you know that he also loves to exercise? In addition to exercising, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling around the world.

  Native New Yorker Drew stayed in his home state for college, attending Cornell University to study environmental science. Drew said, “When I graduated there, I did some traveling and soul searching, figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I spent some time in Arizona, Alaska, and Connecticut.         

   After receiving his Master’s in Education, Drew made his career decision.”I ultimately decided that I wanted to become a teacher.”

   Drew’s first classes were a 6th grade earth science class and an 8th grade leadership class. He designed the leadership class with his colleagues where the students had to design a complex problem that they had to create a prototype solution for.

  Before coming to work at Bolles, Mr. Drew was the Head of Baylor’s Middle School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.    

“If you care about something you have to protect it – If you’re lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”

― John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany

  He came to Bolles as the Middle School Head as well.

  Mr. Drew has a son in 9th grade and a daughter in 8th grade, both at Bolles. He likes to spend time with his kids by traveling with them on vacations. He said, “We like to go to national parks and spend time outside.”

  He considers exercising a calm time to reflect and a time for meditation. “I like to think that exercising helps me keep my youth.”

  He participates in races and marathons as well as just exercising for fun. “I have done 11 marathons, a handful of 50k’s, and I like adventure races as well–running, mountain biking, canoeing–with orienteering mixed in.”


Q & A:

What motivates you? What are your values?

“I still consider myself a student and I still try to learn as much as I can about teaching, learning, education, and kids.  It is kind of an exciting time in the last 10 years in terms of education because our understanding of how the brain works has come much more into focus. This is starting to impact learning now and being a part of that is really interesting for me. Technology has also started to become integrated into education. Staying on top of that is really important to me.”

What is an interesting thing you have done?

“Last year with a friend of mine from Tennessee–we participated in a racet was a 72 hour race across Florida. It started at the Gulf Coast on the beach and we biked, canoed and ran across the state for 3 days to the Atlantic Ocean. It was pretty much non-stop, we slept a little bit–a few hours, but mostly just going all through the night and the day. It’s called Sea-to-Sea.”


Ice cream: Cookies and cream

Sports Team: Syracuse

Color: Green

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Class: US History- Mr. Horrigan

Book: A Prayer for Owen Meany

Movie: Saving Private Ryan