Perfectly Positive: Elexis Stevens


When most people think of Elexis Stevens, FLIK employee, they think of a smile and constant positivity.  Stevens always tries to learn the names of the students that come in the cafeteria and brighten the days of the students she sees.  

  One of her favorite parts about working at Bolles is “interacting with the students and faculty every day.”

  Stevens goes out of her way to make people smile.  Her goal each day is to, “make someone smile or to make someone’s day better,” and in that way she thinks that she and the students “work off of” each other to keep spirits high.

   The smile Stevens always wears makes her seem like an extrovert. However, she said, “I know it may not seem like it, but I am an introvert.  I am shy; I don’t really talk.”

  Stevens moved to Jacksonville from Gainesville just two years ago. Not only was Stevens starting a new job, but she was also starting her life in a new place.“When I first started here, I was not speaking to anyone,” said Stevens. “I was in a little bubble. I wasn’t opening up to anyone.”        

  Now, besides working at Bolles, Stevens attends school to become an elementary school teacher.  “I feel like me teaching could make a difference in someone’s life.”

  She hopes to work with the younger grades as a teacher.  “I like the babies, the kindergarteners, or first or second grade, but I feel like fifth grade would be fun too because you get to do more stuff with the fifth graders.”

   Elexis keeps the positivity and the focus on education going outside of school when she is at home with her four girls, her “M&Ms”: Madison (6), McKenzie (5), Morgan (3), and Melanie (2).  “They are my life, really,” she said.

  Despite her original response of “I have none,” Stevens admitted to having hidden talents such as cooking and dancing.  She tries to “learn all of the hip new dances to do with my kids.”

  Stevens combines a serious work ethic with a love of fun and lifts the spirits of those around her to keep the environment positive, and therefore will always be cherished by Bolles students and faculty.