The Dean Behind the Demerit


The Bolles Bugle would like to introduce one of our most famous alumni: Dean Newman!

   While his high school athletic record is well-known, Newman was also the sports editor for The Bolles Bugle, worked on the yearbook, and was a member of the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

   Mr. Newman came to the Upper School in 2000 to become Dean of Students. His wife Mrs. Newman currently teaches Kindergarten at the Whitehurst campus. They are enduring and irreplaceable to Bolles.

  His experience as student, teacher, and parent, allows Newman to “understand the different challenges many of our students face each day.” Newman emphasized, “We do our best in the Deans’ Office to treat each student like we would want our son or daughter to be treated.”

  Dean Newman understands the significance of patience. “[At the Dean’s Office], we try to be fair and consistent, and obviously being patient and understanding that we are dealing with a lot of students who are doing the best they can, and they make mistakes,” said Newman. “That is really the most important thing is to try to help them learn from their mistakes and life lessons and move forward.”

  Newman’s high school experience helps him understand students. He said, “I stayed pretty busy with sports and classes, but I’m sure I made my fair share of mistakes.”

  In 1981, Newman came to Bolles, “from a Eugene Butler 7th Grade Center which is downtown.” The year he transferred schools, he met his future wife, Kathy Barsh, who he began dating in the eighth grade.

  Mr. Newman attended Bolles on financial aid but even with the help the school was able to provide, his father still worked two jobs to support him and his two younger brothers. He explained that, “without the financial aid opportunity, we would have never ended up at Bolles.”

   Newman reflected on his father’s role in his education, “I would say that I very much appreciate the fact he was willing to make those sacrifices, and while it was never easy for anybody, I appreciated that.”

  Newman attended Vanderbilt University on a full athletic scholarship. At Vanderbilt, he received his master’s degree in education and health promotions.

  The summer before their senior year at Vanderbilt, Newman and Barsh married. Their three children, would later follow in their parents’ footsteps by graduating from Bolles. Newman said, “I’m very proud of every single one of them.”

  In 1993, a former football coach recommended Newman to become a teacher and coach for Bolles.

  For Newman, Bolles had changed dramatically. Two new campuses and many smiling new staff members joined the Bolles family. In Newman’s seventh grade, Ulmer Hall held the entire middle school.

  Newman said that over the years he’s changed too. “Today, I’m probably less athletic and I’m a lot older, and I think it is a tradeoff, Again, I think the most important thing is that I’ve learned is to be a little more patient. I think that’s a good quality.”