I am rock climbing at summer camp in 2017 before sixth grade.

Summer Camp Blues

I’ve never viewed my experience with change as positive. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted things to stay a specific way, and when that way changes, sometimes I don’t know where to turn. Whenever I used to arrive at summer camp, I would be homesick the first night, longing for dinner with my family. Yet, when I came home from camp and sat around my dinner table, quiet compared to my previous loud (but happy) atmosphere, I felt out of place.

I think I can now assume that it wasn’t the close-knit community or environment that made me homesick, nor was it disliking my life at home. It was the knowledge that I left behind the place I had become used to, and I wouldn’t be back for a long while. I know I’ll always have a somewhat rigid way of thinking, but being aware of this lets me challenge that “all or nothing” mindset.

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