The Bolles Bugle

The Bolles Bugle

The Bolles Bugle

Jakhye (center) and the ‘19 delegation in Indonesia.

Wilkins takes on the world

Ava Cheng, Contributing Writer January 7, 2022

14-year-old Jakhye Wilkins (‘22) stepped off a plane in Indonesia after 42 hours of traveling, tired and delirious. Arriving at the site of his first Children’s International Summer Village (CISV)...

Anjali Gusani and her troop hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

Scouting throughout the East Coast

Caylee Padgett, Contributing Writer January 6, 2022

“I tried a bunch of activities and then kind of just got to pick the ones I like. So that’s kind of how my mom started me in ballet and hip hop and then I kind of just stuck with it and kept expanding...

Driftwood scatters the shore on Big Talbot Island.

Five hours on Amelia Island

Megan Howard, Social Media Editor October 26, 2021

Tired of the traffic and the Town Center? Located an hour from Jacksonville lies the oasis of Amelia Island. The drive is best made by taking oceanside Hecksher Drive. The island’s small town feel...

Crumbl Cookies (at home)

Crumbl Cookies (at home)

Amber Bansal and Grace Albaugh October 26, 2021

Crumbl is known for only serving 4 flavors per week that change every week. Since they won’t come back for a while, everyone rushes to get each week’s flavors. The Crumbl craze from TikTok and Instagram...

What is Student Council?

What is Student Council?

Aisha Hasan, Contributing Writer October 25, 2021

"A lot of times, Student Council is managing problems behind the scenes before they become big issues. And so they don’t get a lot of credit.” said Ms. Moyer-Shad, the Director of Student Leadership...

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