The Bolles Bugle

The shopping cart theory emerged as a relatable dilemma that a lot of us face at some point.

Opinion: Shopping Carts Save Lives

Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer November 28, 2020

After weeks of daily temperature and COVID-19 checks, we still face a large, and seemingly unanswerable, question: “Can we trust others around us to keep us safe?” How do you define being mindful?...

Opinion: Why We Need Standardized Tests

Opinion: Why We Need Standardized Tests

Ian Peiris, Online Editor November 28, 2020

I was in first grade when I took my first standardized test. The exam was the ERBs (Educational Records Bureau), a test that is, according to the official website, designed to “strengthen [students’]...

Illustration by Clariss Valdivia

Column: Mind of a Senior During 2020

Avani Bansal, Co-Editor In Chief October 5, 2020

It’s senior year, the year we have looked forward to our whole lives. Top dogs, free periods, sunglasses, tiaras, senior privileges, and one step closer to college...   The college admissions...

Riker's Island.

Op-Ed: Continue Compassionate Release for Prisoners

Cameron Gratz, Contributing Writer May 14, 2020

“I’m at very high risk. If one person gets sick, it’s like a death sentence in here,” said Anh Do, 78, a low-security federal inmate in a Texas prison. Do is a former doctor, convicted in 2018...

Universal Healthcare: A system “All for One and One for All”

Gabriel Bassin, Co-Editor In Chief April 23, 2020

Growing up as the passage of the Affordable Care Act became a hot topic, our generation inherited a debate surrounding an evolving healthcare system. Some of us leaped into the fight, meanwhile, many more...

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