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Op-Ed: Continue Compassionate Release for Prisoners

Riker's Island.

Cameron Gratz, Contributing Writer

May 14, 2020

“I’m at very high risk. If one person gets sick, it’s like a death sentence in here,” said Anh Do, 78, a low-security federal inmate in a Texas prison. Do is a former doctor, convicted in 2018 on Medicare fraud charges, and suffering from coronary artery disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Prisoners...

Universal Healthcare: A system “All for One and One for All”

Gabriel Bassin, Co-Editor In Chief

April 23, 2020

Growing up as the passage of the Affordable Care Act became a hot topic, our generation inherited a debate surrounding an evolving healthcare system. Some of us leaped into the fight, meanwhile, many more have simply said, “Thanks, Obama ‘’ and chosen to sleepwalk through the conversation. However, those simply ignor...

Change Your Grade, Change Your Mind!

Avani Bansal, Co-Editor In Chief

April 23, 2020

Last year, when Mrs. Lane gave her English classes a vote on choosing between an alternate assessment and a test, they voted for the test. While the test may have been easier, they voted against their best interests. In the long run, students should embrace alternative assessments because they help ...

In the Mind of Racism

Sarah Scherkenbach, Perspective Editor

April 23, 2020

In the mind of racism, it doesn’t matter that I have lived in the United States fourteen years longer than I have lived in China. In the mind of racism, it doesn’t matter that people from all over the world are in similar circumstances as me and face racism on a daily basis. In the mind of racis...

Op-Ed: Family in Healthcare

Avani Bansal, Co-Editor In Chief

April 20, 2020

It has become the new daily routine- as soon as they get home, they go straight from the garage to the nearby bathroom to take a shower, sterilize their cellphones, throw scrubs in the wash, and leave work gear in the car so we never touch it. No declaration that they are home. No hug or discussion. Just disi...