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Photography Workshop: A Tips and Tricks Workshop by Jeff Adams

Caylee Padgett, Online/Sports Editor January 21, 2023

On October 28th Jeff Adams visited the Bolles school to teach six students about portrait studio photography. Portrait studio photography focuses on a model, a person, and lighting within a designated...

One of the pieces that won Madison Balaskiewicz Artist of the Week.
Credit: Madison Balaskiewicz

Artists Share Inspriation

Ellie Stewart, Contributing Writer January 21, 2023

Many artists struggle with finding inspiration for their artwork. Oftentimes, artists either have a type of writer’s block, or may have trouble finding something original enough to expand on. Aylar Orasheva...

The actors in the play rehearse three to four times a week in order to be ready by the show date.
Credit: Maggie Boyd

Who’s the Murderer?

Tristan Schneider and Aisha Hasan November 16, 2022

Every year the Bolles arts department does a school play. This year, the arts department has chosen to adapt The Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christe. For people unfamiliar with the Agatha...

A scene from The Nutcracker. 
Credit: The Florida Ballet website

A New Pointe in Ballet

Sophie Lankarani and Kate Youell November 16, 2022

The introduction of ballet in the Florida community is essential because of the emotions and lessons that can be taught from performing and watching dance productions. “The Jacksonville ballet is mostly...

Bolles Goes to DC

Kathryn Arrowsmith and Kate Youell November 16, 2022

A unique aspect of Art History at Bolles is the fact that you can learn about an art piece and then go and see it. After studying about certain art pieces the whole year students can travel to DC on the...

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