Photography Workshop: A Tips and Tricks Workshop by Jeff Adams

On October 28th Jeff Adams visited the Bolles school to teach six students about portrait studio photography. Portrait studio photography focuses on a model, a person, and lighting within a designated studio to accentuate their features and face. Students learned tips and tricks to taking photos, different styles of lighting, and a little bit about Jeff Adams’s background not only in sports photography, but an extensive background in portrait photography.

Dylan Schwartz commented “Everyone has their own style of making art, and I say that, because I have taken plenty of portraits before using all sorts of different setups. So, it wasn’t necessary that this workshop had taught me a completely new skill, but rather a different approach and style to what I’ve already been doing.”
Take a look at some of the photos that were taken during the workshop and scan the QR code to learn more about Jeff Adams, and what he does as well as some sample photos.