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Rachel and Emily Johns at a Japanese steakhouse of for Emily’s 26th birthday.
Arts vs. Sciences: The Johns sisters
Simran Naval, Contributing Writer • May 3, 2022

“Sometimes I’ll walk into work, and since some of the farmers like to bring all their animals in, I’ll just have a clinic full of goats,” veterinarian Emily Johns stated. Since graduating veterinary...

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Finding the slope of a national park
Jaden Taher, Contributing Writer • May 3, 2022
Helping Jacksonville move 904WARD
Ava Cheng, Contributing Writer • May 2, 2022
Scholarship Survival Guide: Vagenas advises students on college scholarships
Cameron Gratz, Copy Editor • May 11, 2022

Most students hear about scholarships all the time in high school, mostly from the morning announcements. But until junior year, they seem abstract and distant from their daily existence, like a speck...

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SATIRE: Old university offers new courses
Cameron Gratz, Copy Editor • May 14, 2022

Antarctica State/National/Legal Quagmire University at Novolazarevskaya, with its barren landscape and social isolation, has struggled in recent years to attract students, who are generally more tempted...

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Her book, my review
Sarah Scherkenbach, Co-Editor in Chief • May 12, 2022
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Reinschmidt participating in a run in 2012
6-on-6: March-April
Daniel Waheed, Sara Wasserman, Raphael Sogueco, Isabel Schimpff, Alex Boutwell, and Grace Albaugh May 6, 2022

History: Freshman Research Paper - Daniel Waheed At Bolles, the freshman year history research paper is regarded by many as a rite-of-passage, a necessity for any rising freshman. To many, it is the culmination of the freshman history class, and it represents challenge and change. The research...

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Ponte Vedra scores a point against Creekside.
Rivalry on the River: The second annual tournament takes place at Bolles
Ava Cheng, Contributing Writer • May 9, 2022

Nine games in total, eighteen teams took to the turf to compete over the course of three days in the second annual High School 9:12 Rivalry on the River lacrosse tournament. Taking place on the Bolles San Jose campus, the games were sponsored by Covenant Roofing®, with tickets costing $12 for adults and $5 for students. Last year, ten boys teams and six girls teams competed over the course of eight...

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A review of Run, Rose, Run
A review of Run, Rose, Run
Ian Peiris, Online Editor-in-Chief • May 5, 2022

Five years after the release of her last non-holiday album, I Believe in You, country music legend Dolly Parton added another new creative feat to her collection: the release of a novel-album crossover. Made public on March 4th, 2022, Run, Rose, Run serves as the complement music album to a novel of the same name, co-authored by Parton and James Patterson. Patterson and Parton’s novel sets forth...

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