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Bolles Bad Parking takes a life of its own
"Bolles Bad Parking" takes a life of its own
Grace Albaugh, Contributing Writer • January 1, 2022

On November 12th, a newly launched Instagram account by the name of @badbollesparking published their first post highlighting the most egregious of parking infractions on campus. The post is an image...

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Drew drives COVID response
Atticus Dickson, Contributing Writer • October 27, 2021
The book used in Ms. Stovers AP Calculus AB classes.
6-on-6: September-October
Kate Youell, Jaden Taher, and Alex Boutwell October 25, 2021

*6-on-6 refers to six short articles for each of the six departments on campus: Art, English, History, Science, Foreign Language, and Math.   Art: Gooding Art Gallery’s First Show a Success Kate...

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The Women of History
Megan Howard, Coffeehouse Promoter • March 23, 2021
Two Teachers' Journeys to Bolles
Elliana Emery, Contributing Writer • March 16, 2021
Bird Watching? It goes both ways.
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • March 15, 2021
Editorial Cartoon: The Ten Rings to college
Editorial Cartoon: The "Ten Rings" to college
Amber Bansal and Kelly Kim October 28, 2021

Senior year: the supposed last year of high school. Yet, it only signals the beginning of the college application process. The “perfect applicant” is required to jump through many “rings” in order...

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Nezza releases new song, "Sola"
Tommy Zhang, Contributing Writer • October 26, 2021
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Missed the Monday Morning Announcements? Rewatch them here!
Missed the Monday Morning Announcements? Rewatch them here!

Every Monday morning, the Video Production Club, run by presidents Tommy Zhang and Edmond Chen, broadcasts the daily announcements for the student...

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Driftwood scatters the shore on Big Talbot Island.
Five hours on Amelia Island
Megan Howard, Social Media Editor • October 26, 2021

Tired of the traffic and the Town Center? Located an hour from Jacksonville lies the oasis of Amelia Island. The drive is best made by taking oceanside Hecksher Drive. The island’s small town feel and breathtaking scenery makes Amelia Island a great day trip from the city. Whether at the beach...

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Chugay performs her rhythmic gymnastics routine.
Alyona Chugay: Balance, ballet, and being bilingual
Simran Naval, Contributing Writer • January 4, 2022

Alyona Chugay (‘24) waited nervously at the side of the mat before beginning her first performance of the day. Despite her sweaty palms and racing thoughts in her head, Chugay felt determined to perform her routine as confidently as she could. Upon stepping on to the mat, Chugay let all of her stress and feelings of nervousness ease away before twirling, turning, and jumping her way into a spectacular...

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Currently, Kim is working on the third movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” His first piece was a Clementi sonata.
Clementi was a composer and a pianist, just like Kim!
Max Kim: Composing a life
Jaden Taher, Contributing Writer • January 3, 2022

Freshman Max Kim (‘25) considers music to be the universal language, and that hearing is not necessary for the composition of music pieces. “Take Beethoven,” Kim explained, “he composed some of the greatest works in music history, all while being deaf. This is because music is in your mind; you have that internal ear that allows you to hear it all in your head.” When fifth-grade Kim...

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