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Wilkins (top middle) among her fellow poll workers. Photos can’t be taken during work hours so this was taken after the polls closed. (Credit: Katioa Wilkins)
Bolles Parent and Student Engage in Democracy
The Bugle Staff • December 13, 2020

To be a poll worker you must be 16 years old so this was Katrina Adewale’s (’23) first year. Katioa Wilkins, parent of three Bolles students, has been volunteering since 2016. Both women agree that...

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Mrs. Ashman: Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Megan Howard, Coffeehouse Promoter • November 28, 2020
IT Reboots and Troubleshoots
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • November 28, 2020
Ashley Khoo (alum) says, "Having it [MacBook]
be so compatible
with other Apple
products is so
MacBooks in a Microsoft World
Ian Wilkinson, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020

If you look at this as a military battle, you might say that the Microsoft Surface conquered the Bolles system. But the battle between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is far from over; there are a few students...

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Puzzles and Pops: Bolles Collectors
Atticus Dickson, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020
Arabian Nights and Japanese Dreams
Clariss Valdivia, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020
Bugle Bird Walks With Moyer
Katie Creveling, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020
The shopping cart theory emerged as a relatable dilemma that a lot of us face at some point.
Opinion: Shopping Carts Save Lives
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • November 28, 2020

After weeks of daily temperature and COVID-19 checks, we still face a large, and seemingly unanswerable, question: “Can we trust others around us to keep us safe?” How do you define being mindful?...

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Opinion: Why We Need Standardized Tests
Ian Peiris, Online Editor • November 28, 2020
Column: Mind of a Senior During 2020
Avani Bansal, Co-Editor In Chief • October 5, 2020
Knope v. Scott 2020
Knope v. Scott 2020
Sara Wasserman, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020

“It’s so stupid that all you do is laugh. It’s absolutely hilarious.” - Davis Meux ‘24 The Office and Parks and Recreation are two of the most popular comedy tv shows. Known for their signature workplace humor, they are widely loved in the Bolles community. The shows are quoted in daily...

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Credit: Emily Lekas
Lekas ('21) Hooked on Fishing
Grace Albaugh, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020

As an outsider looking in, most people think of fishing as a hobby, something you do every once in a while for fun; however, for a lot of people, fishing is way more than that. It’s a way of life, a community, and an entire culture of its own. There is a club dedicated to the sport of fishing. It is a place for people to share their favorite places to fish, their stories, and their techniques....

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Photo of a seagull landing on a street sign.  One of Schwartz’s first photos, and currently his favorite.  Completely unedited.
Dylan Schwartz: Behind the Lens
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • December 13, 2020

Dylan Schwartz (‘24) is a photographer in his free time. He feels connected to the relationship between restriction and freedom. The photo he is proudest of is a metaphor for this: a seagull landing on a pole. He has never edited it, which could be seen as a violation to the message it portrays. “A seagull is in total control of its actions, like where it flies, but there’s still restrictions...

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