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Editorial Board Statement on Recent Occurrences
June 3, 2020

Hello,   Until this point, The Bolles Bugle Editorial Board has not officially commented or made statements on the systemic violence, racism, and discrimination against the black community. We do not want our silence to be misinterpreted as acceptance or support for these heinous crimes. We are absolutely appalled by the brutal, violent deaths of Mr. George Floyd, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery, Ms....

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Part of the Robotics Team at a 
competition (left to right: Cameron Gratz ‘23, William Schilling ‘24, Pranav Kasvaraju Aylar Orshava ‘23,  Aman Shaik ‘22, Liam Sanborn ‘23, and Stephano Hernandez ‘23
Phot credit: Pranav Kasavaraju ‘22
Robotics Team: Rocky Start to Smooth Sailing
Atticus Dickson, Contributing Writer • December 8, 2019

This year, Bolles Robotics had three competitions (the third one has not occurred, as of press time). According to team captain Pranav Kasavaraju (22), “The first meet this season had our team off to a rocky start, however we recovered quickly to find more efficient solutions, and we performed well during the second meet.” In their second tournament they placed fifth with the Voyagers...

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Debate Team trophy from  the Eagle Scramble.
Photo credit: Dickson
Debate Team: Aiming for Albuquerque
Atticus Dickson, Contributing Writer • December 8, 2019
Public Speaking in London
Ashley Khoo, Contributing Writer • November 3, 2019
Op-Ed: Continue Compassionate Release for Prisoners
Cameron Gratz, Contributing Writer • May 14, 2020

“I’m at very high risk. If one person gets sick, it’s like a death sentence in here,” said Anh Do, 78, a low-security federal inmate in a Texas prison. Do is a former doctor, convicted in 2018 on Medicare fraud charges, and suffering from coronary artery disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Prisoners like him are at particularly high risk in the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, activists...

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Change Your Grade, Change Your Mind!
Avani Bansal, Co-Editor In Chief • April 23, 2020
In the Mind of Racism
Sarah Scherkenbach, Perspective Editor • April 23, 2020
Photo Credit: Clariss Valdivia
Not a Landline but a Lifeline
Soraya Rafat, Coffeehouse Promoter • May 15, 2020

  Phones connect us to the world. When the outside world gets disconnected from you, how have rates of phone use gone up among our students? While the number of COVID-19 cases goes up, so does the amount of time people spend on their devices. “I spent barely any time on my phone and now I’m constantly on it,” says Virginia Kuss (20). After constant updates on quarantine...

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A World Of Art Through Your Screen
A World Of Art Through Your Screen
Camden Pao, Contributing Writer • April 24, 2020
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