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Nurse Tyre sits in her office.
Nurse Tyre keeps track, speaks about her role in keeping students healthy
Grace Albaugh, Contributing Writer • October 25, 2021

“COVID has doubled, if not more than triple my workload because, really, you almost need a nurse, just to do the COVID part," school nurse Linda Tyre said. The role of a school nurse has been drastically...

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The book used in Ms. Stovers AP Calculus AB classes.
6-on-6: September-October
Kate Youell, Jaden Taher, and Alex Boutwell October 25, 2021

*6-on-6 refers to six short articles for each of the six departments on campus: Art, English, History, Science, Foreign Language, and Math.   Art: Gooding Art Gallery’s First Show a Success Kate...

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The Women of History
Megan Howard, Coffeehouse Promoter • March 23, 2021
Two Teachers' Journeys to Bolles
Elliana Emery, Contributing Writer • March 16, 2021
Bird Watching? It goes both ways.
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • March 15, 2021
In the cartoon above depicting H.B. 233, students hide behind shields under the pretense of free speech, while their teacher ends up being censored due to students’ ability to record lectures.
Breaking down the Florida Reporting and Ideological Survey Bill (H.B. 233)
Sarah Scherkenbach, Co-Editor in Chief • October 25, 2021

A college professor enters a lecture hall full of young minds, ready to teach. After projecting their materials, they walk up to a podium staged in the center front, but as they open their mouth to begin,...

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Why the four-day work week is not ideal
Daniel Waheed, Associate Copy Editor • October 25, 2021
The Bugle Banter
The Latest "Bugle Breakdown"
Missed the Monday Morning Announcements? Rewatch them here!
Missed the Monday Morning Announcements? Rewatch them here!

Every Monday morning, the Video Production Club, run by presidents Tommy Zhang and Edmond Chen, broadcasts the daily announcements for the student...

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Man on the Street: Bugle surveys students and teachers
Man on the Street: Bugle surveys students and teachers
Cameron Gratz and Tyler Schimpff October 25, 2021

What's one thing you would change to improve the Jacksonville community? "Less litter on the beaches, throwing away trash, and get people to pick up after themselves." -Milan Thomas ‘24 “I would bring a theme/amusement park. Not only will it bring in new people for the city, it will force Jax...

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McNesby participates in the CACC Champion game her senior year.
Stephanie McNesby: Team player on the field and in the classroom
Caylee Padgett, Contributing Writer • October 24, 2021

Ms. Stephanie McNesby is the new 9th and 10th-grade history teacher and the lacrosse coach this year. McNesby’s decade-long competitive lacrosse career has taken her worldwide--from places such as England to here in Jacksonville. McNesby originally played club college showcase soccer in middle school and varsity in high school, but after playing soccer for so long, she felt burnt out. When she...

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Rafat performing in concert.
Rocking and rolling with Soraya Rafat
Raphael Sogueco, Contributing Writer • October 24, 2021

Every human who’s seen a band onstage has wondered, “What would it be like to play for them?” For Bolles Alum Soraya Rafat ‘20, this dream became a reality. Rafat, who plays bass and the electric guitar among other instruments, started her musical journey playing for the Bolles Symphonic Band as well as the Bolles Jazz Band. Rafat also participated in memorable and captivating performances...

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