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Gabrielle Magid ‘11 is the founder and CEO of Stronger Than Stigma (STS).
Stronger Together: Bolles graduate launches mental health nonprofit
Sara Wasserman, Contributing Writer • March 21, 2021

"We had to change the campus culture around asking for help.” Gabrielle Magid (‘11) said. Gabrielle Magid graduated from Bolles in 2011. “When she entered a classroom, people could not help but...

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Mrs. Dividu (far left) with the Mock Trial team
The Women of History
Megan Howard, Coffeehouse Promoter • March 23, 2021

What do history, law, education and psychology have in common? The female force of the history department includes Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Dividu, Mrs. Fluegel, and Mrs. Gomez, who all teach a variety of history...

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Two Teachers' Journeys to Bolles
Elliana Emery, Contributing Writer • March 16, 2021
Bird Watching? It goes both ways.
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • March 15, 2021
SATIRE: Curriculum Change
SATIRE: Curriculum Change
Cameron Gratz, Contributing Writer • March 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every part of our lives, and the State Board of Education thinks we should handle our lives differently too. So, they have made significant changes to the mandatory Life...

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Self Pledge
Su Ertekin-Taner, Creative Director • March 15, 2021
Opinion: Shopping Carts Save Lives
Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer • November 28, 2020
01: The first shop we are stopping at is Rusted, a vintage market.
Beyond the Square: Follow a Bugle writer to the retail frontiers of San Marco
Grace Albaugh, Contributing Writer • March 22, 2021

During your day in San Marco we will start at the ends and work our way towards the square. San Marco Restaurants Green Erth Bistro European Street Sara’s Bakery Cafe Good Dough Bold Bean The Loop Southern Grounds Taverna The Bearded Pig Bistro AIX Maple Street Biscuit Company The...

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Leila Roberts (left) and Somerset Acosta-Rua (right) posing after a home-game.
Junior Leadership in Lacrosse
Elliana Emery, Contributing Writer • March 22, 2021

Women’s lacrosse is one of the sports at Bolles that does not get a lot of recognition despite winning the district championship in 2017, “but also not a lot of people come to our games so we don’t really get the hype,” junior Isabelle Gurtler said. Gurtler joined the Bolles lacrosse team in 6th grade and started playing for the high school in 7th. Some virtues she has gained are her ability...

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In rehearsal, Titania (Grace Maroon) pours nectar from a flower into Oberon’s (Kris Stam) eyes.
Go Play Outside: Drama Takes Shakespeare Onto River Campus
Riya Kar, Contributing Writer • March 21, 2021

The stage dims as Lysander and Hermia stare at one another tenderly. A blinding light breaks the loving moment. ‘Relent, sweet Hermia: and, Lysander, yield/ Thy crazed title to my certain right.’ says Demetrius, as he haughtily approaches Hermia. In recent months, Mrs.Rippel, director of fine arts, and the theatre club have been working on Midsummer Night’s Dream. From the very beginning,...

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