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Rachel and Emily Johns at a Japanese steakhouse of for Emily’s 26th birthday.
Arts vs. Sciences: The Johns sisters
Simran Naval, Contributing Writer • May 3, 2022

“Sometimes I’ll walk into work, and since some of the farmers like to bring all their animals in, I’ll just have a clinic full of goats,” veterinarian Emily Johns stated. Since graduating veterinary...

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Finding the slope of a national park
Jaden Taher, Contributing Writer • May 3, 2022
Helping Jacksonville move 904WARD
Ava Cheng, Contributing Writer • May 2, 2022
William Schilling (left) and Daniel Ji (right) at their booth during Club Day.
Club Day: Club Spotlight - Computer Science Club
Caylee Padgett, Online Editor-In-Chief/Sports Editor • September 22, 2022

Python, Java, and C Sharp might sound like a foreign language to some, but to Computer Science Club presidents William Schilling (‘24) and Daniel Ji (‘24), it's second nature. Dr. Dostert, the AP...

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Bolles Tucks Into a New Dresscode
Sophie Lankarani, Contributing Writer • January 21, 2023

From choosing what to wear every morning to finding stylish but appropriate clothes for school, what a student wears is a big aspect of their identity. One of the most controversial aspects of Bolles’s...

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Wakanda Forever Review
Tristan Schneider, Contributing Writer • January 21, 2023
Meet Me At Midnight
Kathryn Arrowsmith, Contributing Writer • January 21, 2023
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Mr. Curran Arrives at Bolles: A New Addition to the Math Department
Sara Wasserman, Copy Editor • April 6, 2023

Mr. Curran joins Bolles this year after spending 13 years at Bishop Kenny High School. Teaching Accelerated Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, and Algebra II Honors this year, Mr. Curran has an extensive mathematics background. After originally working as an engineer, Curran opted for a change and began his...

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Kavon Miller at the signing cermony 
Credit: Ty Neal
Commitment Season: 2 Bolles Seniors have Committed to Playing Sports in College
Kate Youell, Public Relations Editor • April 11, 2023

College commitment season is in the air, and Bolles is a big participant. 34 seniors have committed to playing sports in college. These students play a large variety of sports, from football to swimming to lacrosse. Colleges include Boston University, Emory, Kentucky, and Princeton. Both Annalise Cannada and Kavon Miller have decided to play athletics in college at the second signing of the season...

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Bolles Dance Takes a New Turn
Kathryn Arrowsmith, Contributing Writer • April 11, 2023

Dance is something Peyton Blair does to inspire others and hopes that others will do the same. She explained that the advice that she would give to aspiring dancers is, “Just start. Get in a class. Get in multiple classes. And start, realize that you’re starting with the foundations and, and that you’ll build up from there.” Blair has a history of pursuing dance as one of her greatest passions,...

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