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Growing up, breaking down, and everything in between – it’s the life of a senior. In this new column by The Bolles Bugle, four senior staffer’s (Isabel Bassin, Amber Bansal, Caylee Padgett, Hailey Christy) will be sharing their thoughts, complaints, and suggestions about high school. It’s advice by teenagers for teenagers.

Senior Sentiments #5: Expectations vs. Reality

Hailey Christy, Contributing Writer February 15, 2024

As I make my way through senior year, I have found that the reality of this year does not quite match up with a lot of my expectations. Barely coming to school, rarely studying for classes, going off campus...

Senior Sentiments #4: Midterm Tips and Tricks

Caylee Padgett, Online Editor December 8, 2023

Midterms are stressful. The schedule is sent out months ahead, teachers don’t talk about them until a week before, and you probably just figured out how to study for the class.    I have...

Senior Sentiments #3: The Struggles of a Student Athlete

Hailey Christy, Contributing Writer December 6, 2023

Waking up early, staying up late - this is nothing new to student athletes. Sports will bring you to incredible highs and incredible lows.    My name is Hailey Christy and I have been a member...

Senior Sentiments #2: To ED or not to ED?

Amber Bansal and Isabel Bassin November 17, 2023

Picking one school and risking everything. It sounds like a dream to some people: one and done in the college admissions process. To others, it’s entirely unfair and feels wrong.    On the...

Isabel Bassin and her friend group at the Senior Breakfast.

Senior Sentiments #1: Is this what we’ve been waiting for?

Isabel Bassin, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 28, 2023

Why is being a senior so hard? Over the past three years, we’ve looked up to Bolles’ next graduating class. To me, they always seemed to be having fun, relishing in their last year of high school....

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