The Bolles Bugle

On October 29, 1923, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk established the modern-day republic of Turkey. The hailed “Republic Day” was established after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne between Turkey and France, Britain, Greece, Japan, Italy, and Romania after a four-year long battle for Turkish independence. 2020 marks the 97th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish republic.

Swimming in the Sunshine State

Su Ertekin-Taner, Creative Director December 13, 2020

Before the Race: Kaan Orhan (‘22) leans down into the pool, cups his hands around the water, and sips a bit of the chlorine-laced water on the surface. Kaan’s race routine of drinking the chlorinated...

Patel Scores a Point

Patel Scores a Point

Riya Kar, Contributing Writer December 13, 2020

Diya Patel watched intently as the fencer moved swiftly around his opponent, dancing across the silver screen, quickly finishing the match with an elegant victory.” When she watched the movie Vandraft...

Sophie Grace holds the soccer ball after making a call. (Credit: Posick)

Student Referees Learn Leadership

Elliana Emery, Contributing Writer December 13, 2020

Sophie Grace Posick (‘22) has been a soccer referee since 8th grade. Posick thanks her older brother Dalton for opening the gate to refereeing. “If it was not for my brother, I would likely not be...

Credit: Emily Lekas

Lekas (’21) Hooked on Fishing

Grace Albaugh, Contributing Writer December 13, 2020

As an outsider looking in, most people think of fishing as a hobby, something you do every once in a while for fun; however, for a lot of people, fishing is way more than that. It’s a way of life, a...

Coach Lee is equipped with disinfectant spray and a mask.

COVID Can’t Change the Game

Taylor Ford, Sara Wasserman, and Grace Albaugh November 28, 2020

COVID regulations have greatly impacted fall athletes by changing and/or eliminating aspects of their season that are crucial to the high school athletic experience. Many of these regulations have drastically...

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