The Bolles Bugle

The Bolles Bugle

The Bolles Bugle

Robin Arzón (top left and bottom right) and Jess Simms (top right and bottom left) are two powerful female instructors at Peloton who use their platform to inspire and motivate others to better their fitness and confidence.

Females in Fitness: Coaches and inspirations for fitness, life, and beyond

Kelly Kim, Writing Coach May 11, 2022

I remember hearing the encouraging shouts of Cody Risgby’s 30 minute Pop Ride mixed with the music of Dua Lipa and Beyonce of my mom’s Peloton spin class coming from the basement. Curiously straining...

Ponte Vedra scores a point against Creekside.

Rivalry on the River: The second annual tournament takes place at Bolles

Ava Cheng, Contributing Writer May 9, 2022

Nine games in total, eighteen teams took to the turf to compete over the course of three days in the second annual High School 9:12 Rivalry on the River lacrosse tournament. Taking place on the Bolles...

Sliding in to softball season

Grace Albaugh, Contributing Writer May 6, 2022

  “Our goals for the rest of the season are to continue being #1 in the district and win regionals. BK and ESJ have been our rivals so to come out with a win will give us motivation to win it...

Lady Skaters at The Block Skate Supply.

Drop in to Lady Skate Day

Isabel Bassin, Contributing Writer May 5, 2022

“Girls, or the non-binary community, or the trans community; all alike are looking for that outlet. They’re looking for other like-minded people that can encourage them and that they can encourage,”...

The Avengers team photo

Women take the field!

Kate Youell, Contributing Writer May 4, 2022

When people think of American football, the first thing that comes to mind is muscular men throwing, running, and catching a ball in order to score touchdowns and win. However,men are not the only players...

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