The Bolles Bugle

Apps, Tips, & Tricks

Ava Sickler, Contributing Writer

May 5, 2020

With the move to online learning, many students— and teachers— are looking for tools and advice for digital learning. This is Part 1 of the Apps, Tips, & Tricks series, which hopes to provide you solutions. If you have any specific queries, or have found helpful apps you’d like to share, ple...

The Third Quarter Slump: School Reality or Delusion?

Camden Pao, Contributing Writer

April 23, 2020

Third Quarter Slump (noun) /THerd kwôrder slemp/ - Ever get the feeling that the third quarter sucks, we guess what IT DOES! Between winter break and spring break there is too much work and the weather is too cold, so why even try? Just give up, close your eyes and hope the fourth quarter will come ...

Robotics Team: Rocky Start to Smooth Sailing

Part of the Robotics Team at a 
competition (left to right: Cameron Gratz ‘23, William Schilling ‘24, Pranav Kasvaraju Aylar Orshava ‘23,  Aman Shaik ‘22, Liam Sanborn ‘23, and Stephano Hernandez ‘23
Phot credit: Pranav Kasavaraju ‘22

Atticus Dickson, Contributing Writer

December 8, 2019

This year, Bolles Robotics had three competitions (the third one has not occurred, as of press time). According to team captain Pranav Kasavaraju (22), “The first meet this season had our team off to a rocky start, however we recovered quickly to find more efficient solutions, and we performed well during the second ...

Debate Team: Aiming for Albuquerque

Debate Team trophy from  the Eagle Scramble.
Photo credit: Dickson

Atticus Dickson, Contributing Writer

December 8, 2019

This year, the Debate Team had a successful season with their points for high school putting them fourth out of thirteen in the state; with high school and middle school points combined, second in the state. They had two debates so far, and this January, they are scheduled to go up to Georgia for a tournament. They wil...

Willis Examines Testing: An Update on Ms. Willis’ Multiple Assessment Survey

Daniel Fewell, Contributing Writer

December 8, 2019

“I teach 2 classes of chemistry and the science of diseases elective and I will be teaching anatomy in the spring. I am a 9th grade advisor, and I also coach middle school basketball and high school softball,” says Jennifer Willis from behind her desk in the academic office. Earlier this school year, ...