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2017-2018 Staff

Chance Thompson

Contributing Writer

Chance is a senior and first year staffer. He brings his sense of humor and knowledge about campus to the Bugle.

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Anya Raheja

Contributing Writer

Anya is a sophomore and first year staffer. Her involvement and knowledge of events around campus keep our coverage equal and fun.

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Anisa Patel

Contributing Writer

Anisa Patel is a junior and first year staffer. Her amazing artwork and hyper personality bring an energetic vibe to the paper.

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Caden Matson

Contributing Writer

Caden is a first year staffer and senior at Bolles. His love for rare cars and writing make him an asset to the paper.

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Thomas Keaveny

Contributing Writer

Thomas is a first year staffer. His amazing artistic abilities bring a fun dynamic to the Bugle.

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Julia Johansen

Contributing Writer

Julia is a first year staffer. She brings her knowledge of InDesign and editing skills to the Bugle newsroom.

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Jake Goldman

Contributing Writer

Jake Goldman is a first year staffer. His amazing photography and videography skills bring a creative visual side to the class.

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Taylor Ford

Contributing Writer

Taylor Ford is a first year staffer and brings her vibrant energy and smile to the class.

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Jacqueline Emas

Contributing Writer

Jacqueline Emas is a first year staffer. Her artistic abilities and knack for storytelling bring a new dynamic to the paper.

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Sofia Carreno Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

Sofia is a first year staffer and border. She is passionate about writing and always has a smile on her face.

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Gabriel Bassin

Contributing Writer

Gabe is a first year staffer. He brings his creativity from his acting side and his writing talent to the Bugle newsroom.

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Jisette Baquet

Contributing Writer

Jisette is a first year staffer and brings joy to the classroom along with her excellent writing.

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Avani Bansal

Contributing Writer

Avani is a first year staffer and has a real passion for writing and a positive attitude.

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Salma Shaalan

Contributing Writer

As a sophmore and second year staffer, Salma Shaalan acts as a positive force among the Bugle staff. In addition to her time in Bugle, Salma participates on the Bolles crew team.

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Alex Hastings

Coffeehouse Promoter and Perspective Editor

Alex Hastings returns to the Bugle for a third year. He is an excellent artist and illustrates many of the covers for the print and Perspective magazines.

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Kennedy McKinney

Online Editor-in-Chief and Calendar Editor

Kennedy McKinney is a junior and third-year staffer on the Bugle. Kennedy is quick to contribute wherever she can, whether it be facts for an article or simply a laugh or two or defending the integrity of Grease 2.

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Claire Cywes

Copy Editor

Claire is a junior and third year staffer with the Bolles Bugle. In addition to being funny and kind, she is also a goalie with the Bolles Varsity Girl's Soccer team.

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Havana Frakes

Writing Coach

Havana Frakes is a junior and third year staffer with the Bolles Bugle. Her eye for news and storytelling techniques contribute to the class.

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Chris Hanna

Contributing Writer

Fourth year staffer and Bolles Senior Chris Hanna is truly one a kind. He is quick to volunteer to do near anything for the sake of journalism, even if that means choking down a Carolina Reaper pepper or two while we tape it....

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Laina Segel

Co Editor-in-Chief

Laina Segel is a senior and fourth-year staffer at the Bolles Bugle. She is best known for her knack for writing amazing skits and for writing amazing articles with catchy headlines.

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Kris McQueen

Coffeehouse Promotor

A senior and fourth year staffer, Kris McQueen's quality of writing is only overshadowed by her dedication to her work. One can find her at a school function in the background, taking pictures for an article that may not even...

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Gabriela Landolfo

Co Editor-in-Chief

A senior and third year staffer with the Bugle, Gabriela Landolfo leads and manages the class. In addition to being a great photographer, Gabriela is a rower with the Bolles Crew team.

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