The Bolles Bugle

The Bolles Bugle

The Bolles Bugle

Bugle Breakdown: The Pink Tax

Do you know what the Pink Tax is? Join us as the Bugle staff goes around the campus to see just how much the students know about the Pink Tax.

Bugle Breakdown: Bob Ross Challenge

Come join Bugle Staffers Sarah Scherkenbach, Cameron Gratz, and Caylee Padgett as they take their hands at painting a Bob Ross landscape.

Video: Faculty share dating advice for Valentine’s Day

The Bugle gathered exclusive interviews of teachers giving us all of their best dating advice just in time for Valentine’s Day and Winter Formal!

Bugle Breakdown — Black History Month Edition

The Bugle took to the sidewalks of campus and test some students’ knowledge of Black History. Here are the results!

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