Aisha Hasan

As a high schooler, Aisha Hasan looks to her close friends in the midst of teenage stresses; her cat, Yuki, has remained the closest. Meaning snow in Japanese, Yuki is Aisha’s “nearest dearest friend” and nap buddy. Aisha used her Surface to draw a Loki costume on Yuki’s picture. The image depicts both Aisha’s safe haven (her cat) and Marvel-loving side: both important aspects of her life. When not napping with her sometimes diva-acting cat, Aisha finds passion in Chorus where she unleashes her inner Ariana Grande. But at the end of the day, she returns home to her “bestie” Yuki as she watches Marvel during her free time, for she explains how these films always remind her that “everything is gonna be just fine.” With Yuki by her side, Aisha knows this is true.

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