McClure located in the middle embraces her team after a race. (Elizabeth McClure)
McClure located in the middle embraces her team after a race.

Elizabeth McClure

McClure crosses the finish line

January 6, 2022

Elizabeth McClure (’25) feels the small beads of sweat dripping down her forehead as she continues to run. Her mind racing with thoughts about pushing yourself, and finally she passes the finish line and relief overcomes her whole body.

Following in her brother’s footsteps McClure joined the Bolles cross country team in the summer of 2017. At first, it was something to do and a way to get involved with the school, but four years later the meaning is much more.

Being a freshman comes with newfound stress, and with this stress, there is a need for a reliever. For some, it’s acting, or football, or even volunteering, but for McClure, it’s running.

Whether it’s running in states, or just a simple practice, cross country helps McClure focus on school by clearing her head and reviewing the information while running.

The one thing that she appreciates the most about cross country is the team. “Yes, definitely we’re tight-knit. That’s one of the main reasons I enjoy it so much.”

Over the past four years, McClure has enjoyed the team’s trips. She stated “My first time going to state with the high school team was really exciting. And there are some, like, secret rituals.” McClure continued, “We do state shirts, and give each other nicknames based on a theme and it really is special and brings the team together.”

After crossing the finish line McClure’s enjoyment of running doesn’t end. The tight-knit family, stress-relieving mindset, and high school sports credit are why she has continued to run.

So as she crosses the finish line the race isn’t what she’s thinking of. It’s knowing that she has a team waiting for her on the other side.

Kate Youell, Contributing Writer
Kate Youell is a freshman and first-year staffer. Other than volunteering at the Jacksonville Zoo and for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Kate enjoys learning history and stories from the past. Originally from Chicago, Kate likes to eat pretzel rods and watch Veronica Mars, and she aspires to become a Constitutional law professor in the future.

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