Meet the 2021-2022 Bugle Staff Contributing Writers!

During the first few weeks of the school year, the Bugle staff’s contributing writers began working on a journalistic exercise—the art of the profile. On a designated day, every writer brought in a prop that he/she believed represented a personality trait, hobby, passion, interest, or memory. They were then split into pairs in which one staffer interviewed the other, asking questions about the prop and its significance to the staffer’s life, as well as recording the visual atmosphere of the interview with pictures. Taking the information from the interview, the writers formed a cohesive profile of their partner, filled with details, quotes, and get-to-know-you facts. However, there was a caveat—after writing an in-depth profile, the staffers had to condense their work using more succinct language—first, the word limit was 350 words, then 250, then 150. The goal was to convey the most meaningful information with the most concise language.

The finished product? Seventeen short, informative, and engaging introductions to the seventeen individuals on this year’s writing staff! We hope you enjoy the pieces created by the contributing writers below.


Grace Albaugh

Isabel Schimpff, Contributing Writer

Grace Albaugh looked down and smiled at her club team’s 2019 third place plaque. The sixteen-year-old athlete started playing volleyball in 2016. Along with playing on one of the top three nationally ranked Volleyball programs, OTVA, Albaugh also plays on the Bolles Volleyball team during the fall season. Her plaque reminds her of the stunning skills she displays on the court which she talks about...

Isabel Bassin
Alex Boutwell
Ava Cheng
Atticus Dickson
Aisha Hasan
Kelly Kim
Simran Naval
Caylee Padgett
Camden Pao

Isabel Schimpff

Kate Youell, Contributing Writer

Seeing Isabel is like seeing a ray of sunshine. Both literally and metaphorically,  and her items prove that.Isabel Schimpff is a freshman that partakes in Bugle. She chose a rubber band along with a lacrosse ball to sum her up. Schimpff commonly thinks of this rubber band as a reminder of the friends she has made while traveling with CISV. Another name for this organization is Children’s International S...

Raphael Sogueco
Jaden Taher
Daniel Waheed
Sara Wasserman
Kate Youell

Tommy Zhang

Sara Wasserman, Contributing Writer

Tommy Zhang (’22) wears a bracelet with a story. Zhang describes the bracelet as the same one his favorite basketball player wears, and it reminds him to stay determined. He shares an important piece of advice when it comes to staying positive: “Just be confident.” While Zhang has long played basketball, his focus is music, and he plans to keep studying his passion. Zhang explains...

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